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Andre Proulx Strikes Again

Another black mark for CFL officials courtesy of Andre Proulx. The TSN crew maybe summed it up the best when Jock Climie said "I'm afraid the league will fine me if I say what I want to". It was another purely laughable call by Proulx and his mates as they stole a win away from the Eskimos. However, one must look at the tremendous amount of positives put up by this Rider football team. Where do I start...

Congratulations and Thank You!!!

Congratulations to Rider that have stuck with this team through thick and thin. Fans that have driven from wherever to watch their beloved team play, fans who buy lottery tickets, fans from Victoria to St. Johns who cheer for the team with the "S" on their helmet. It is for people like you that you have endured many years of pain that I feel good for tonight. While I would have liked to have seen Calgary win tonite so that the Riders could win it in front of you on Sunday, it takes nothing away from what has taken place.

Hey Rider Nation--What Are You Doing on Remembrance Day!!!!

November 11th looks like it will be day to remember for Rider fans. It will be the day that playoff football returns to Taylor Field for the first time since 1988 in a game the green and white will be involved in. Yes, the Riders could still catch BC for first and host the Western Final on November 18th but it would seem more realistic to think that Calgary or Edmonton will be here on Remembrance Day for the West semi.

I'll Ask the Question Again Coach!!!

0:20 minutes (121.83 KB)

The following is a post game exchange between myself and Kent Austin. Austin said his team is in need of some maturity especially on the defensive side of the ball which led me to ask what I did. First off, I think you all know that I am one who is solidly in favour of Kent Austin for he has helped turn the climate and the attitude of this football team around. He and Eric Tillman deserve a whole lot of credit for turning around this team in such a short time. However, I will disagree strongly with the coach on this assessment of his defence.

Back Away From Your Keyboards For Just One Second

I'm sure this will draw a tremendous amount of response---and most of the responses will  likely be of a distinctively negative tone but here goes. While you sit here and dump all over the quarterback, I am here to tell you that one missed pass does not a football game make. Yes, I am going to defend Kerry Joseph. Kerry Joseph had another solid night....he was 23 of 36 for 354 yards with two touchdowns while running for two others, 354 yards without the irreplacable Matt Dominguez...the one that many of you thought would spell the end of the offence when he went down with injury.

W2W4--What To Watch For

Is the two game losing streak a thing of the past?? Are the Riders a first place football team again?? Will this team get back to playing the kind of football we saw to start the season. We will find out Saturday afternoon when the Lions and Riders meet for the last time in the regular season--but likely not the last time this season. Here's what I'll be watching for on the Taylor Field turf

What was that?

How does that old Johnny Cash song go? "Well, I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt." That's how the Rider nation must be feeling after Saturday's 44-22 loss to the Calgary Stampeders.

Just Ugly!!

In a game that could have very well cemented a home playoff game, the Riders simply looked pathetic for the 2nd straight week. Once again, it was not just one area but many including the work of head coach Kent Austin and assistants that contributed to this. Someone needs to explain why this team is so reluctant to call for challenges. I thought Andy Fantuz had a catch last week that wasn't challenged and two huge plays in the first five minutes went unchallenged which set the tone.

Random Thoughts As I Watch The Game

So with all apologies to TSN’s Jay Onrait(who I am blatantly stealing this with), the following is a rundown from yours truly on what I will be seeing this afternoon from Calgary. If you have no life, read on!!!!!

Have Faith

1:07 minutes (393.82 KB)

The Matt Dominguez injury is big---but it doesn't spoil what is happening


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