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Daily News Conference

Wrapping It Up

20:47 minutes (7.14 MB)

Kent Austin officially met the Regina media for one last time in 2007 to reflect back and look ahead. This will take a while but enjoy....

One Giant Step Left

8:07 minutes (2.79 MB)

Kent Austin has his team on the edge of a championship. He had this to say as he addressed the Regina media for the last time until he reconvenes with them and the national media on the turf of Rogers Centre Wednesday afternoon....

Proud Of His Team

4:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

Kent Austin will get the chance to quarterback a team to victory in the Grey Cup and coach that same team to victory. To do it, they had to get past the Lions which was no easy feat. Here's what the coach was saying after the game......

Ready for Vancouver

6:32 minutes (2.24 MB)

The last outdoors practice for the Riders today and perhaps the last one this season. The team hopes its practicing indoors next week in Toronto but if it doesn't happen, head coach Kent Austin says it is not the end of the world.....

Happy to Have Szarka Back!

2:12 minutes (1.01 MB)

Kent Austin cautiously outlines the chances of Chris Szarka returning to the lineup.

Wes Out, Ranek In

3:37 minutes (1.66 MB)

Kent Austin breaks down his running back situation ahead of Sunday's west final.

(loud speakers were brought in tosimulate crowd noise out in the cold at Rider practice today)

Dealing With the Noise

7:18 minutes (2.51 MB)

It was an advantage last week but it will be a disadvantage this week and that is the crowd noise. Kent Austin discussed that with the Regina media on Tuesday....

Giving Credit To the Opposition

3:49 minutes (1.75 MB)

Riders coach Kent Austin says the Stampeders really made his team work for the win and he gave them a lot of credit after the game......

Life Without Wes

6:21 minutes (2.19 MB)

Kent Austin assures the Rider nation his offence will keep on rolling even without Wes Cates.

Recalling '88!

13:05 minutes (5.99 MB)

Kent Austin gets quizzed about memories of the Roughriders last home playoff game and about the scrutiny he and his family are living under through the euphoria of Rider nation.

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