Big Bucks For Roughriders

Record Profit In 2009 Fiscal Year
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Heading into the Saskatchewan Roughriders 100th season, they have reached an all-time high in profits.

The Roughriders posted a profit of 3,148,500 dollars in the last fiscal year, eclipsing the profits of the Grey Cup Championship year of 1.7 million dollar profits.

The Riders big money makers were ticket sales of nearly 10 million dollars, merchandise sales that reached over seven million dollars and another home playoff game that brought in over one million dollars from the league.

The Roughriders logo is one of the most popular brands in Canadian sport and after selling 7.1 million dollars in merchandise in 2009 is also a record after selling 6.5 million dollars worth of hats, jerseys, tee-shirts and much more in 2008 year.

Rider share holders received the Roughriders Annual Report today and the AGM will take place later this month.