Riders Loonie?

Coin could be in the making
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We're not being told it's going to happen. We're being told to wait and see.

There's talk that the Royal Canadian Mint will put a special coin into circulation this year paying tribute to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on their 100th birthday.

We're told the coin is a loonie, it has already been designed, and it's ready to be minted. We're also told 3,000,000 will be in circulation by September.

Alex Reeve with the Royal Canadian Mint says they get numerous suggestions on what type of design should be etched into coins each year. But the mint has a policy not to pre-empt announcements prior to the launch of any coin.

"I can't be specific to its themes but if there is a coin to be minted, the Mint will be making an announcement in the earliest possible time frame," said Neeve.

Reeve promises to get in touch with News Talk Radio when he has news to share 'with everyone in Saskatchewan.' But there won't be any further comment until then.

"The Government of Canada is the sole shareholder of the Royal Canadian Mint so that's what we're waiting for ... for any new coin we wait for the Government of Canada," said Neeve.

Roughriders CEO Jim Hopson wouldn't confirm it either. But he does say "stay tuned."