Riders Lose Heartbreaker

Blow 27-11 4th quarter lead
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The Saskatchewan Roughriders now have a new heartbreaking Grey Cup loss to replace the 1976 defeat at the hands of Tony Gabriel and the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Leading by 16 points with seven minutes left in regulation, the Riders suffered a monumental collapse, falling 28-27 to Montreal on a last-second field goal.

The Alouettes got a touchdown run from Avon Cobourne and a two-point convert to trim the deficit to 27-19. With less than two minutes to play, Anthony Calvillo tossed a major to slotback Ben Cahoon. A controversial non-call on the two-point attempt left the Riders with a 27-25 lead.

After a Saskatchewan two-and-out, a long punt by Louie Sakoda backed the Als up to their 30-yard line. Montreal marched downfield to set up a 43-yard field goal attempt with no time left on the clock.

Damon Duval's kick went wide right and it appeared that Saskatchewan had won its second Grey Cup in three years. But an illegal substitution penalty was called because the Riders had 13 men on the field.

With the ball moved 10 yards closer, Duval made no mistake, drilling the 33-yard attempt straight through the uprights.

Alouettes running back Avon Cobourne was named the MVP of the game with 85 yards rushing, 64 yards receiving and one touchdown.

It's Montreal's sixth Grey Cup championship and the second time Calvillo has won it.



Someone needs to lose their job. That's a frickin high school football mistake. They might make a good burger flipper... though they're apt to make an extra patty when under pressure. DUMBASS!!!!


Some of the preceding comments are hilarious. Reed needs to lose his job?! Steve lets talk. Having played football I know it is Arnstead's responsibility to count the number of players on the field and call a time out if he deems necessary. He did not. Your rebuttal: Reed should count too. You're right. Reed is ultimately responsible for his special teams but the fault belongs the 13th person on the field. I'm sure they feel terrible. Let me remind you though, it's a team game. Perhaps, if the Rider's made a 3rd down stand, or Durant didn't throw an interception, maybe if Congi made his first field goal attempt the riders may have won. They did not win and they lost as a TEAM.

I love this province, but comments like Steve's and friends (the no-names brave enough to post but ensure themselves anonymity by choice or laziness) are all that is wrong with the SK province. Too many people love a good witch hunt. From now on lets all be a little more intelligent.

I agree. They lost as a

I agree. They lost as a team. You're always going to get fans who think emotionally rather than logically, though.

See you there next year!

How do you call a timeout

How do you call a timeout you dont have?

someone's comment

Can you please set up your comment section so that NO ONE can give an anonymous comment? This someone clown needs to be taken to a penitentiary and thrown in the "Shoe". What kind of a moron makes these kinds of comments after the game we witnessed? Grab a brain!!

The person that needs to

The person that needs to lose a job is the idiot who made the new rules in the past that lets plays happen after time has expired. who the h decided this rule. Game wss over. Saskatchewan won the game

to many men ????? not

to many men ????? not enough brains to count to 12 omg...arg

Bonsoir de Montréal

We feel your pain, we've been there before, like last year! Hope to see your team next year against Montreal.

Riders are still WINNERS

Riders are still Winners . .. They played great. Montreal didnt deserve the win at all
Fans are still behind the Riders . . . unless you are a Bomber fan !!

Didn't deserve the win?Get

Didn't deserve the win?Get real! Riders were only in the lead because Montreal was playing their worst game of the season.Dream on bud!


Allouettes played the worst game of the season? last time I checked you dont get points for being good in the past. its not oh we won 4 of our last 5 so even though we played terrible we are the better team it is whoever suits up and plays better for 60 minutes whatever happened in the past is history. Having said that, a lot of als fans are pointing to the 'obvious' PI where in fact the reciever pushed off of the db (watch the tape), while the call could have gone either way the correct thing to do in that case is make no call. in a game there are several such calls and they inevitably even out ( no PI call for getzlaf in the third). The 13th man call is brutal depending on if it was a player running off the field (in which case it is a terrible call) or if some idiot actually thought they were supposed to be on. I haven't seen good footage so I don't know which. Either way Montreal lost the game with their performance had it not been for a severe lapse in judgement by someone who obviously is a product of the American education system.

Riders are still winners?

How does Winnipeg come in to play with the Grey Cup? All accross the nation we're hearing how The Riders "should have won". Two years ago in the semi-final Winnipeg "should have" won but a SK player broke our QB's arm. As far as we're concerned we gave Riders that game just as MTL "would have" if no penalty was called. This is football and that's the way the game is played, I suggest you suck-it-up and carry on.

History check

If you check your history, it was a toronto player who broke your poor quaterback arm. 

Kavis Reed good-bye

This man needs to be fired. Too many mistakes this year and what a brutal error. You could see this was coming so make sure you have the right people on the field and make the right play. Nobody was even counting out there. Coaching error, good-bye dude! This isn't your first error this year.

Hate to agree, but have to.

Hate to agree, but have to. I would guess this is about the 4th time this same call went against this year. You knew all through the last drive that there would be a field goal attempt. No excuses. Have to have some accountability.


What a stupid mistake!!! i guess all of those football plays they had to memorize pushed basic math out of their heads.

I was disgusted with them

I was disgusted with them when they played bc a few years ago in west final and the riders were on their knees on the sidelines holding hands( praying?) hoping bc would miss field goal.... now they go and have to many men???? their last possesion all they needed was one first down but went 2 and out!!!! poor play calling!!!!! ( and i dont men durant!!) all in all they played a heck of a game though.

oh well.

oh well.


How could they go 2 and out in their possesion of the ball??? Why didnt they do a play action??? Durant run the ball or toss it????Their play calling was terrible the last time they had the ball!!!! Plus they could ave had an interception if the one rider wasnt interfered with.. poor officals call there.

mistake BUT...

Okay, yes the 13th man on the field was a crucial error, BUT the Riders shouldn't have let Montreal come from behind and let them have such sweet field position.

IMO I believe that they would most likely have lost anyway because they lost the lead in what,... 7 minutes of regulation time? There's something wrong when you can march down the field and hold the lead for the majority of the game and literally blow it when it really counts.

The 13th man bit them in the

The 13th man bit them in the end.
Minus the last STUPID penalty...overall - a classic CFL championship game.

I didn't think this what

I didn't think this what they meant when it was said "the 13th man ll be the difference."As they, there's always next year.

choke job

only the saskatchewan roughriders can choke more than these bunch of chokers. i also think it was sean lucas who was the 13th man on the miss kick. but it was still a very good year for the riders. i just hope they can overcome this next year but this could take a few years to overcome. coach miller is a class act. good luck next year guys and thanks for a great year.

Take a Breath, Everyone

OK guys. Take a breath and stuff those knee-jerk reactions in your back pocket. Let's support our team and give them a championship-worthy "Welcome Home" reception.

Saskatchewan party attempted

Saskatchewan party attempted to take credit in 2007 for the win so I give them all the credit for the loss. Nice going....

it's so sad I don't know if

it's so sad I don't know if I can get into this rider love again. It's just too much heart ache to lose like this. See you in my next life.


An unbelievable mistake that will rank right up there with leaving Tony Gabriel uncovered in the end zone and also Bill Buckner's error that cost Boston I believe a World Series.
Lost in the error though is the fact that the Riders led 27 - 11 in the fourth quarter. Darian serves up an interception and the team couldn't make a first down when they needed it the most.
There is a reason why this team has only three Grey Cups in 100 years

Coaching Gets Us Again

I hate to rain on the Ken Miller love-fest that has been going on for the past 2 weeks but he and his coaching staff cost us the game. I have been on here before writing about the overly conservative coaching that has plagued this team and easily cost us 3 to 4 wins. Once again with less than 2 minutes to go and with the lead and possession of the ball the Riders only needed to get 2 first downs to effectively run out the clock secure the victory. What do they run on first down? The standard and ineffective Wes Cates 2 yard shuffle play to nowhere. Ken Miller always plays to not lose the game instead of to win. Why not throw a 5 to 6 yard pass on first down and set up an easy 2nd down conversion? Nope, let's give away a down and put ourselves into a 2nd and long and eventually a 2 and out. I was screaming at the TV when they didn't convert the first down that we had lost the game due to the Riders inability to drive the ball and run out the clock. We need a coach that plays to win. Miller just plays conservative after 58 minutes of brilliant football. What happened to the blitz in the 4th quarter? Why accept multiple penalties to wipeout a single point and then eventually give up the single point? Why does this man continually revert to safe "no lose" football which has cost us dearly?

Then the cherry on top. Too many men to lose the game? How does this happen? This is as basic as it gets. This is unacceptable and inexcusable. Someone needs to be run out of town for this.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement. Once again the coaching staff failed the players and the fans.

Ken got us to 'The Game'

Ken Miller and his coaching staff got us to the game.
I tire of the armchair quarterbacks. While you do have the right as a fan to question a call, and I will remind you that this group of managers and leaders have completely turned the way this Province looks at itself and its football team. 6 years ago, we were always next year country, and that was just maybe to secure post season play, we did not even expect a home playoff game! The Riders have been to 'The Game' twice in 3 years. The way we found to lose the win was very unique and painful, but what does not kill you just makes you better. This team that Ken Miller and his staff built from talented individuals is a group of winners. While I share the disappointment with outcome, I DO NOT SHARE the disappointment with the players and coaches. Rider Pride is the envy of the Canadian football league. Keep your rider Pride!

The Issue Is Coaching Philosophy Not One Call

I am questioning the philosophy of the current coaching staff not one particular call. Under the Miller regime this team has consistently struggled with putting teams away and finishing off games due to overly conservative play calling. The team is more afraid to lose a game than go out and win it. Last night was a classic example of what has gone on for the past 2 years. The Riders had several opportunities to put Montreal away with some aggressive play calling and yet ALWAYS opted for the safe call. How many 3rd and short options were available to the Riders and yet every time a field goal was called for? I question the call to kick the field goal at the end of 2nd quarter as opposed to go for a killshot TD. Even if you agree with the strategy to take the easy points how can you agree with the 4th quarter play calling? A relaxed defense and inability to convert first downs were as much to do with the Riders getting away from what got them the lead as anything else. They seem to lose their aggressiveness when leading a game late. This is a philosophy not a specific call. How many times has Miller called for a punt when facing a 3rd and short versus going for it? Compare this to other coaches who are not afraid to be aggressive. Look at how Miller mismanaged the quarterback situation last year and gave away the playoff game last year by hitching his wagon to Bishop despite him turning the ball over 4 times in the 1st quarter. Combine this with the woeful performance of the Riders in the 3rd quarter all season and it points to substandard coaching. I argue that the Riders achieved what they did in spite of their coaching, not because of it. This team has an exceptional amount of talent due to the work of the front office. The coaching staff has been directly responsible for several losses during the past 2 years. Last night was one more painful example of that. Did it look like the Riders were playing to win in the 4th quarter last night or playing not to lose? Be honest. This coaching staff will continue to hold this team back as long as they insist on continually playing it safe.

Stay in school.

Lesson to all Saskatchewan youth, stay in school because learning to count is more important than making money!


A truly disappointing end to

A truly disappointing end to a wonderfully exciting season. Montreal didn't win that game, Saskatchewan LOST it. I'm still in shock. If Montreal had beaten us because they were the better team, it would be a lot easier to deal with than Saskatchewan beating themselves over something so stupid and avoidable. There were a lot of four letter words flying around my house after that one, and most of them were comming from me. How is this possible? Truly disappointing.

There will always be an

There will always be an asterisk beside this Montreal win, by which I mean this Saskatchewan loss. They can take the Cup home but they have to know in their heart of hearts that this was not a 'legitimate' win, ie, a clear victory in regulation time (which the Tony Gabriel heartbreak reception was).
To have their kicker follow a 24 yard punt with a 7 yard punt, and then follow that with a missed 30 yard field goal...and still win??!?!?! If he had at least made the first field goal attempt, the penalty would be moot. No one with any brains will think that the better team won. Luck / fluke barely begins to describe it.
I don't even want to know who the 13th man on the field was; if the fans feel this bad can you imagine how bad the player / coach feels? Let's please not have any calls for his head, bring all these guys back next year to build on the foundation that has been laid these past three years.
Congratulations, Riders, on a wonderful season and a wonderful ride. Onwards to Edmonton next November!!

Too many men hurt, but the

Too many men hurt, but the terrible play calling on offense in the 4th killed them too. When you need 10 yards on a 2nd down, you do not throw a quick slant designed for 5 yards.

At the time I would have taken the risk of punching in a TD on the last play of the 2nd quarter to send a message, and looking back now, thats what should have been done. Go for it all, you play to win the game.

The 13th man giveth, and the

The 13th man giveth, and the 13th man taketh away. Congratulations to Montreal.



Rider loss

NO no,The Riders just took that thirteenth man slogan too literally!

Great game!! But its a hard

Great game!! But its a hard pill to swallow. Duval misses and we have to many men on the field. i don't know what to say i'm still in shock. Why did this happen? We pretty much gave montreal the cup. Its gonna take a while for me to axcept this one. :(

Anyone surprised that they

Anyone surprised that they failed? I know I'm not. Too much blind fanaticism out there =p

heartbreaking yes - the end

heartbreaking yes - the end of the world .............no. Our team played very well this year - how many people really expected a Grey Cup appearance?? be honest??? Mistakes made - absolutely - should they have been? definately not - but at the end of the day they did a great job this year - better then any of us sitting on here commenting could have done! Go Riders!


I would prefer to not win and to have played well than to win an empty win.

Field Goal

When the Riders missed on their first field goal attempt for some reason I knew it would come back to haunt them. This is what basically decides alot of these types of championships.

I am a die hard Rider fan but....they lost because of their own stupidity. Unbelievable! 13 men???????

i guess...

...the 13th man does make the game difference...way to go green n white...

Hey Rider nation, how's that

Hey Rider nation, how's that 13th man advantage workin out for you?

Will they report who it was?

Do you think they will report who the players were who should not have been on the field? There is no reason to be the person WHO SIMPLY HAD TO BE ON THE FIELD FOR THE WINNING PLAY !!!!!.... only to blow it for the entire province. Why they heck change anyone as a player? There is no reason for that, just sit on your ass and win but noooo... too much glory and we lost.

I love it!

Great ending, now lets move on to something besides the Riders. If I hear one more segment about the Roughriders in February on Sports Night, I'll lose it!
And no one should be fired, you forget that you are talking about someone's job. Get Real! Mistakes happen.


This was a heartbreaking loss for sure. However, as we complain about the too many men penalty (which was a silly one, let's admit), let's not forget that had we not allowed the Als to come back like they did, that last-minute field goal wouldn't have been an issue.

The Riders had a great season, and were clearly the better team tonight, until the very bitter end.

I thank the Rider staff & players for a great year, and look forward to watching from my awesome seat at Taylor Field again next year.

don't blame the players

I know I will forgive them but this one really stings. The team played so well in the first half and even in the third that we all forgot that we were up against the best team in the east and possibly the best montreal team ever. Montreal won the fourth quarter and our coaching staff lost the game. Don't blame the team, fire the weakest link, GOODBYE!

Riders were robbed

Refs wouldn't call spearing when Rob Bagg got hit, wouldn't call holding when Chick got facemasked, wouldn't call unsportsman like conduct when a Rider got smacked in the head after a clean tackle...Here is a list of the Refs and where they are from (not one from western Canada) http://cfl.ca/article/cfl-officials-named-for-97th-grey-cup

Must come up with new slogan now, TOO BAD

Their marketing slogan now has to be changed.


it has worked for them to help win games but now with the stigma, it will be nothing but a sore reminder from this point on

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