Riders/Stamps Overtime Shoot Out Ends In Tie

44-44 Final
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The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders ended three and a half hours of football in the same place they started, tied at the top of the West Division. The Riders and Stampeders needed two overtime shootouts to show how even these teams are, finishing the game with a 44-44 tie.

The Riders trailed for the entire game until the second overtime shootout when they took a 44-37 lead with the Stampeders possession yet to come and Henry Burris capped off the game with a touchdown pass to Brett Ralph and a Sandro Deangelis convert means the best game of the CFL season ended in a tie.

The Riders pulled off a thrilling comeback with three minutes left in the game the Stampeders took a 30-22 lead after Joffrey Reynolds ran for his third touchdown of the game. Rider quarterback Darian Durant took the ball from the Riders 42-yard line and capped off the eight-play drive with a 25-yard touchdown pass to Andy Fantuz. The Riders still needed a two-point conversion and Rob Bagg was wide open for the Durant pass to lock the game up at 30.

The Riders elected to take the ball last in the first overtime and the Calgary Stampeders were in big trouble after Stevie Baggs sacked Henry Burris on the first play of overtime. On second and 22 yards to go, the Riders appeared to sack Burris again. The Stampeder quarterback lost his balance but wasn't touched. Burris than stood up only to stumble again and John Chick landed on top of him to make the sack to put the Stampeders back on the 52-yard line, but Chick was flagged for unnecessary roughness and the Stamps took the ball at the Riders 32-yard line and a first down.

Four plays later the Stampeders were in the end zone and up 37-30. But Darian Durant wasn't done with his heroics yet. Durant was facing third and 10 and found Johnny Quinn for an 18-yard first down catch and run. The Riders capped off their possession when Chris Szarka ran for his third touchdown of the game.

With the Riders down 37-36, they needed a Luca Congi convert to send the game into a second overtime but Tearrius George blocked the kick and the Stampeders ran the ball the full length of the field for what appeared to be the win. However, the Stamps were called on a penalty for pyramiding, which is when a player uses a teammate to get higher in the air. Congi would hit the second kick and the two western foes were off for the second overtime, which was much less eventful.

The Riders had the ball first and only needed one play to get into the end zone. Durant threw a hitch pass to Chris Getzlaf, who ran the full 35-yards for the score and than it was up to the Riders defense to win the game.

But Burris needed just four plays to match the Riders' score. Burris capped off the game with a five-yard pass to Ralph and with Deangelis' convert, game over, 44-44 the final.

The Riders and Stamps remain at the top of the West Division, now three points up on both the Eskimos and B.C. Lions.


CGY - Sandro Deangelis 14-yard field goal - 6:37 1st quarter

SSK - Luca Congi 49-yard missed field goal single - 3:29 1st quarter

CGY - Joffrey Reynolds 38-yard touchdown run (Deangelis convert) - 0:00 1st quarter

SSK - Chris Szarka six-yard touchdown run (Congi convert) - 12:09 2nd quarter

CGY - Roughriders concede safety - 7:53 2nd quarter

CGY - Reynolds two-yard touchdown run (Deangelis convert) - 3:49 2nd quarter

SSK - Szarke one-yard touchdown run (Congi convert) - 2:27 2nd quarter

CGY - Burke Dales 67-yard punt single - 1:13 2nd quarter

SSK - Congi 15-yard field goal - 0:07 2nd quarter

CGY - Deangelis 30-yard field goal - 4:45 3rd quarter

SSK - Congi 71-yard punt single - 15:00 4th quarter

SSK - Congi 29-yard field goal - 7:00 4th quarter

CGY - Reynolds four-yard touchdown run (Deangelis convert) - 3:09 4th quarter

SSK - Andy Fantuz 25-yard touchdown reception from Darian Durant (Rob Bagg two-point convert reception from Durant) - 0:41 4th quarter

CGY - Rob Cote six-yard touchdown reception from Henry Burris (Deangelis convert) - 1st overtime

SSK - Szarka one-yard touchdown run (Congi convert) - 1st overtime

SSK - Chris Getzlaf 35-yard touchdown reception from Durant (Congi convert) - 2nd overtime

CGY - Brett Ralph five-yard touchdown reception from Burris (Deangelis convert) - 2nd overtime


Passing: Saskatchewan; Darian Durant - 35/45, 427 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT. Calgary; Henry Burris - 23/34, 285 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Rushing: Saskatchewan; Durant - 5/40 yards, Chris Szarka - 6/16 yards, 3 TD, Wes Cates - 5/29 yards, Stu Foord - 3/27 yards. Calgary; Joffrey Reynolds - 19/137 yards, 3 TD, Burris - 6/36 yards.

Receiving: Saskatchewan; Andy Fantuz - 10/149 yards, 1 TD, Jason Clermont - 4/90 yards, Chris Getzlaf - 5/65 yards, 1 TD, Rob Bagg - 8/52 yards, Johnny Quinn - 3/50 yards. Calgary; Nik Lewis - 8/112 yards, Jeremaine Copeland - 6/71 yards, Reynolds - 2/47 yards.

Defense: Saskatchewan; Stevie Baggs - 7 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF; Tad Kornegay - 6 tackles; James Patrick - 6 tackles; Lance Frazier - 3 tackles, 1 INT; John Chick - 1 tackle, 1 sack, 1 FF.


Horrible officiating

This was the worst officiating yet this season. Not to mention a blown call that hugely impacted the outcome of the game. When are our refs going to pick up their socks? They are making a mockery of the CFL. Roughing the passer when he clearly fell down. Calgary was well out of field goal range too. Brutal call refs. This is totally unacceptable!!!

Don't forget two points for the zebras

I say the referees should get two points for that game also, as they clearly decided it for everyone else. That phony roughing penalty in the first overtime cost the Riders the win. And when I say phony, I mean 3 dollar bill phony, give me a break phony, oceanfront property on Boychuk Drive phony.

Brutal call on Bagg's UR

Brutal call on Bagg's UR penalty. Not that anyone from SK will disagree, but that unnecessary roughness call on Baggs was garbage. Guy makes sure a very athletic QB is down, and stays down, by falling on him (with his head not his body) and gets flagged for it? Same old situation as officials in the CFL botch another important call which may have decided the outcome of the game. Other than that this was one of the best games I have seen in quite some time, both teams executed very well and showed why they are in first place.

BS call at the end of the

BS call at the end of the game. Hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt the Riders in their bid for first.

how on earth was that an

how on earth was that an unnecessary roughness call. what a joke! But a good game overall. way to be RIDERS!


And the refs win again!!! That was a horibbly officated game, for the majority of the game I thought they were on Calgary's payroll, still could be but they were just inept! Roughing the passer? Come on!! He could have hammered him, he just made sure he was down!!

Riders Stamps

A very entertaining game despite "official" interference!

Blame Chick , not the

Blame Chick , not the ref.

Rule 7, Section 2, Article 3(a) of the CFL rule book reads as follows: "Any player in possession of the ball, who falls to the ground and is not attempting to advance the ball, may only be touched down and may not be contacted in any other manner.''

Burris was not attempting to advance the ball. Chick could have put one hand on him. Correct call according to the rules.


what game were you

what game were you watching??? Burris stood on his own two fee and was attempting to advance the ball when he saw John Chick, Turtled and was hit instantaniously. Give me a break. That was a clean hit with an awful call by the ref's Look at it again on TSN.CA in the first ot period.

Great game! Too bad the

Great game! Too bad the officiating wasn't of a professional calibre.

williams was a non factor

he owes his team a huge apology. reynolds ate him up today

Riders were ROBBED

The most pathetic case of officiating I have ever seen, bar none.The Chick call was the climax of the whole sad affair.The refs should banned from further work and once the league reviews the game Im sure they will be.That being said,the Riders squandered many chances to win that game.

Great game by the Riders we

Great game by the Riders we almost had them and maybe should have, but after fighting so hard to come back,we let them off the hook.The Riders had Calgary 2"nd and 22 (I" know I might get a ride to Winnepeg on a YAK for this)when BORRISS went down behind the line .IF CHICK would have just touched him or couverd him it would have been 3"d and 30.(HELLOW WINNEPEG)BUT hitting him like that on the ground, ya it was ruffing.But the Riders did"nt Quit they came back tied the game and even took the lead.But in the end couldn"t stop Callgary.KEN MILLER HAS PUT THIS TEAM TOGETHER AND DESERVES FULL CREDIT FOR THE WAY PLAY AND THE NO QUIT NO SURRENDER ATITUDE (YOU MIGHT EVEN CALLIT RIDER PRIDE) Next week the Riders have anouther tough cluch game(do not look past BC)and they will have to fight just as hard for every yard and every score as they did against the DEAD HORSES,AND YOU KNOW THEY WILL


This one came down to a really bad call on the part of one of the zebras on the field. Had it not been for that call the Stamps are 3rd and 40 with virtually no chance of making a field goal.

This was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen in the CFL. It gave us a little of everything including a call I've never seen before - "Illegal motion on the defence because of a "pyramid"."

Too bad the outcome had to be decided by an official on the field. The win should be the Rider's.

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