Jones Happy Return to Riders

Riders Hope Jones and Others Return to Roster Soon
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A tough 24 hours ended with Kitwana Jones putting his name on a contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Wednesday night. What Jones didn't expect after his release from Edmonton was a phone call from the Roughriders, who traded him three months earlier, to be interested, "I didn't think so, I didn't at all."

Jones hit the practice field Thursday in #26 and was happy he was wearing green and white once again despite interest from other teams in the league, "Some teams recognized what type of athlete I am and try to utilize that to the best of their abilities but home is where the heart is. I wanted to come home and play with my boys. I miss my boys. God gave me the blessing to just be here and (Riders General Manager Eric Tillman) gave me the chance to re-sign so I'm happy."

Jones was notified Tuesday night he was no longer needed as an Edmonton Eskimo in a meeting with his longtime coordinator in Saskatchewan and current head coach of the Eskimos Richie Hall had to tell the veteran he was a free agent, "That was emotional. I love Richie because my whole time playing football Richie's been one of my favourite coaches and just for us to separate like that and he having to be the barer of bad news it was rough, that was a rough day for me."

Jones spent most of practice getting filled in on the defensive system by defensive line coach Mike Scheper and coordinator Gary Etcheverry and Head Coach Ken Miller confirmed it may be a stretch for Jones to be ready to play on Sunday against Winnipeg, "Our defense has some nuances that he hasn't been associated with for a long period of time right now and it will depend on how well he picks that up."

What may help Jones crack the roster against the Blue Bombers is his tenacity on special teams and teams attempts at trying to improve the special teams may outweigh whether or not Jones knows the defensive playbook inside out.


The following players were not on the field for Thursday's practice;

Jason Clermont (personal), Leron Mitchell (personal), Jamie Boreham (head), Chris McKenzie (health)


After missing the last five games due to a hamstring injury, receiver Andy Fantuz looks ready to go against this week. Fantuz has practiced with the first team offense the last two days and Head Coach Ken Miller is optimistic Fantuz will return, "Andy is likely going to be on (the roster) this week. I don't know which spot he'll take right now, but he will be on."

The reason Miller is questioning who Fantuz will replace on the roster is due to the fact he may have three non-imports (Fantuz, Neal Hughes, Leron Mitchell) all being added to the roster.


Jones ????? Andy.

I wish Kitwana would make up his mind as to who he wants to play for.
When he signed with Edmonton he acted like a kid with a new toy !!!!!!!!!!!
He said that he was so glad to going there to be playing for Hall, & that was the only team he wanted to play for.I took note in the last Edmonton game, & his name was mentioned "ONCE" !!!!
Maurice Lloyd wasen't mentioned @ all, if I remember corectally.
Is he the next one to be coming back ??

It's great to see that Andy is ready to play once again.
With him in the lineup, I think the Riders have one of the best, if not the best receivers in the whole league.


Dude of course he is going

Dude of course he is going to say that man. Just be happy that we got him back. Some guys do not do well on other teams. Ie Omar Morgan when he went to Edm. As for Maurice Lloyd the reason you never heard his name last game is because he was hurt and was not playing. Get the story straight before you start talking please.

KItwana--Mo Lloyd.

It may have sounded that I am not glad to have Kitwana back.
Of course I am.
He is going to be a great asset to the team like he was when he was here.
After putting in my first comment, I looked up the Edmonton site, & saw that Mo Lloyd was hurt.

As far as getting my stories right, I do about 99.9% of the time.
We all make mistakes. I'll make a bet that even you do my friend.
Have a good day.


You will notice that my name is "DWIGHT",& not "DUDE" !!!!!


he was traded . he did not sign with edmonton ! read the article !

Glad To Have Him back

He was traded I red the article too. I am very glad he is back and hope he stays here till his retirement he has done good things with this team. Good Luck KJ


Most of us are VERY HAPPY to have you back, Kitwana, both in the city and in a Green & White uniform! Rock On!



Great to have Jones back!!! Wish we could also have Lloyd too..and of course Richie as Head Coach!

Kitwana will bring back

Kitwana will bring back great enthusiasm to this
football team - as for Mo Lloyd he can stay in
Eskomoville along with Richie Hall - Hall will be
fired as head coach in Edmonton - it's just a matter
of time...

Richie Hall

Richie Hall was part of our club for a very long time and we benefited from his contributions greatly. His move to the Esks was not a snub to the Riders. We should wish him well and personally, I will forever consider him a Rider.

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