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McGahee Hoping Speed = Job
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The Saskatchewan Roughriders are back on the practice field with no cuts after Wednesday's 45-12 loss to Edmonton. DB Jeff Zelinski was placed on the suspended list.

The return game is a place a job can be won for Casey McGahee. The Florida speedster had five returns for an average of close to 19 yards in Wednesday's game and there is room for improvement.

"We have to tweek things here and there but that's the first time we were really going full action... with time we'll get it together."

McGahee is excited to see the work special teams coordinator, Kavis Reed, is putting in to the return and coverage teams because that's nothing he's ever seen before.

"My special teams coaches I've had in the past really didn't spend to much time on details on how things are supposed to go or where everybody is supposed to go, he's very detailed... just the little things it's big on special teams."

Casey McGahee and Bam Childress have a spot on the roster if they show their talents on the return game but Head Coach Ken Miller says the final decision on who gets the job may go to the best receiver.

"That could figure in because it could be a DI position (designated import) who is a receiver who would be a return person and maybe even do some dual work as a defensive back."


Konrad Wasiela did the walk of shame of the field today when Coach Etcheverry didn't like what he saw and made sure everyone at Mosaic Stadium could hear he didn't want him on the field any more. Give a big pat on the back to Lance Frazier who showed great leadership in kneeling down with Wasiela to try to pick up his spirits.

Jeff Zelinski is on the suspended list; Sam Olajubutu (calf), Adam Nicolson (hamstring) and Neal Hughes (leg) all missed practice again.

Both Joe Sykes and Luc Mullinder left practice with undisclosed injuries.

Play of the day has to go to Juan Joseph and Chris Jones, after practice the two flipped positions with Jones throwing a nice spiral and Joseph hauling it in over the shoulder.



NICE GUY, ETCHEVERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make a young guy(Konrad Wasiela) feel like a "PIECE OF GARBAGE" !!!!!!!

Etcheverry has always, & will always be nothing but a "BIG MOUTH".

Bully boy

I agree, this is bush league Texas High School Tactics, if the results don't show up on D on the field, he's gone .

Suspended ?

Can anyone tell me why Jeff Zelinski was suspended ????


I am glad Szarka does not play defense.

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