Regina's Downtown Library Looking For a Face Lift

The Central Library Is Too Small
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Regina's downtown Central Library looking for an improvement.

Whether it's in the form of expansion or a brand new building remains to be seen.

Chair of the Regina Public Library Board, Darlene Hincks, says some areas need a lot of repairs.

"What we're looking at is do we actually repair it, or is it prudent to build a new library?  So we're looking for ideas from interested parties to give new suggestions on a new building, or look at the existing building."

Previous studies suggest the library must grow from its current 75 thousand square feet to about 150 thousand to operate efficiently.


This issue has been around

This issue has been around for a few years. Too bad plans for a new building weren't already in the works so we could have taken advantage of all this money the Feds are doling out

I love the current central library building but it is too small and it does need improvements. The location across from Victoria Park is terrific, as is access by car, bus or foot. I don't know if they can add 2 or 3 more floors on top. Maybe they could purchase the old (four-storey) federal Taxation building next door (on Smith Street) and link the 2 buildings together?

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