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Kent's Ready To Rock

1:04 minutes (502.29 KB)

Kent Austin on the eve of his biggest coaching moment ever!

Rider Fan

Dillon in his Rider Greens


Dillon in Montana is a Rider Fan!

Dillon Steve lives in Montana but is a Rider Fan!! Has been rubbing Gainer's belly for luck every night and has helped get the Riders to the Grey Cup.


Day 3 in TO---Someone Pass the Advil

Toronto is alive with Grey Cup revellers and not all of them are wearing green. If you heard the DRSS last nite, things were going great until Wray Morrison sat down and somehow sabotaged our phone line meaning we didn't quite get you the flavour from here that we gave you Wednesday and Thursday. Wray and I are back on this afternoon for two hours from 1-3 so check it out if you get a chance.

Rider Centre

it wouldn't take a lot of time or money to renovate the Rogers Centre.


Showing some Rider Pride

We have had this displayed on our front yard since before the Western Semi Final...Go Riders Go


St. Jerome School RIDER PRIDE DAY!




Cates Feels Good

5:37 minutes (2.57 MB)

Wes Cates assures Mitchell Blair his foot will be frozen and ready to go for Sunday.

E.T. Sits Down with Mitch

4:17 minutes (1.97 MB)

Less than 48 hours ahead of the big game, Eric Tillman is calm, cool and collected for his first shot at a Roughrider championship.

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