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We're Baaaaaack!

With news of Kent Austin's departure from the team coming today, we've re-opened the Green Zone in the off-season so you can talk football.  (Go figure... Rider talk in January!)

Comments are re-enabled!

Raw audio from the news conference coming soon from our Mitchell Blair!

And a poll question to boot!


- John Himpe
The Green Zone

Chris Knox Passes Away

Some sad news to report this morning.  The 24 Hour Newscentre has confirmed that Chris Knox passed away last night.  Knox had been fighting a battle with brain cancer.

Chris' story captivated all of us when at the Labour Day Classic, Rider Mike McCullough sprang Chris and his father from the stands at Mosaic Stadium and brought them in to the fold to celebrate the Rider's Labour Day victory.

Brendan McGuire Leaves News Talk Radio

This week, we're saying farewell to a member of the News Talk team, and we thought you should know the whole story.

Brendan McGuire is leaving News Talk Radio to pursue educational goals which reach far beyond the borders of radio.

It's the Off-Season

Hey gang!

Wanted to post up a note to let you know about what will be happening with The Green Zone during the off-season.

This Friday, we will be disabling commenting on the site for the winter since relatively dorment websites can be huge magnets for blog spam and the like... so we want to make sure there are no web robots making use of our space.

Riders Re-Sign Smith

Nine days after completing a championship run for 2007, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have started the work of building another for 2008. Offensive lineman Wayne Smith has re-signed with the team for one year plus an option. Smith came to Saskatchewan as part of a deal which brought D.J. Flick to the prairies inexchange for Rocky Butler. General Manager Eric Tillman says Smith is one of the best young Canadians in the CFL.

FA List

Many of you have asked what Riders are unrestricted free agents going into 2008. The following players will be free agents as of Feb 15 and can go to the highest bidder.

Marcus Adams, Wes Cates, Dustin Cherniawski, Eddie Davis, Matt Dominguez, Reggie Hunt, Tad Kornegay, Jermese Jones, Rontarious Robinson, Chris Szarka.

It would seem as if Eric Tillman has his work cut out for him. With the exception of Cherniawski and Kornegay, all are starters that play a vital role.



Another Honor for Kerry Joseph

Kerry if for some reason you are looking at this and you need a place to store the tub in Regina this winter, call me!!!!! How nice would be relaxing in that when its 30 below.

Competition for KJ next year?

Mitch snapped this picture of Damon Allen while in Toronto. With Kerry in the game, Damon was quarterbacking a Rider team in a touch football tournament in which the quarterbacks for all teams were CFL QB's.


It Will Be Different This Winter

3:07 minutes (1.08 MB)

Jeremy O'Day says the off-season will be a little different now seeing he won't have to answer the one question that everyone asks him when he tours the province.

Wrapping It Up

20:47 minutes (7.14 MB)

Kent Austin officially met the Regina media for one last time in 2007 to reflect back and look ahead. This will take a while but enjoy....

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