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Will You Be In Toronto On Grey Cup Sunday

11% (46 votes)
I'm Trying As We Speak
9% (39 votes)
No--But My Heart Will Be There
80% (332 votes)
Total votes: 417

I was there in 89, but my

I was there in 89, but my family was living out east then. We’re all back in the west now so it’s not as easy this time. :-( (I coached that last field goal trough the uprights, btw, which were right in front of me. ;-) ) I’m envious of all those going this time because you’re going to have a great time! Lots of the Torontonians will be very lukewarm to the whole thing but the Rider fans who go, and probably the Bomber fans as well, will be right into it so you’ll find lots of people to have a good time with.

Goooooo Riders!

I would love to be there but

I would love to be there but my heart is there for them!!


Go Riders Go

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on my way...from far far

on my way...from far far away.... wouldn't miss it!

YOU BET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You

YOU BET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You bet I will be there 2 watch the "RIDERS" WIN THE GREY CUP" !!!!

I got my tickets a few months ago, knowing the "BEST TEAM" in the C.F.L. would be there.

I WILL BE THERE! Bought my

I WILL BE THERE! Bought my ticket months ago on a hope and a prayer. ONE MORE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd love to go, but with

I'd love to go, but with employment unrest at home, it's not even an option. I'll have to wait for a game closer to home.

I blog regularly at

we all know our team is

we all know our team is going to do it up right sunday...but...don't fall for the ol"who is dinwiddy anyways?" routine...i remember a few years back bomber fans laughingly asked a similar question on labour day..."who's rocky butler?"...we'll winn because of OUR players....not theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GREEN!!!!!!!!
tim s.

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