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Riders Win!

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We will be turning the

We will be turning the centre of the universe green. I hope that those poor folks in the east are ready for some fun the prairie way. We should introduce them to the third quarter tradition from Mosaic (god I hate saying that) stadium and play the Priate of Saskatchewan by the Aragant Worms. Forget the banjo's and lets have a real good time.

Saskatchewan has the best football team this year to go along with the best weather, best economy, best looking men and women, and the most umble fans. ha ha ha ha ha ha

It was written by the

It was written by the Arrogant Worms.... but it is sung and made famous by Captain Tractor :)

How did they make it more

How did they make it more famous than the Arrogant Worms? I'd heard of the Arrogant Worms years before I heard a cover of Last Saskatchewan Pirate by Captain Tractor. What else has Captain Tractor done anyway?
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Both versions of the song

Both versions of the song were very popular. It just depends on where, and probably when, you heard it. I haven’t seen Captain Tractor for a long time but the last time I saw the Worms play a few years ago they were still playing the song.

who cares

who cares

I don't know if any of you

I don't know if any of you have checked out the Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan site but I sure am glad that our fans have more class than theirs. Unfortunately we have to pay to get on the Riderville forum so I don't know if our fans there are as polite. They really trash the fans and the Riders over at the BB site.

I agree with you guys! Hey

I agree with you guys!

Hey Ron, rub some salt in there for me!

And yes, thanks Wally for putting Dickenson in, he is so much easier to sack!



What a great win !!! I was

What a great win !!!

I was talking to a buddy and we realized that every single point for the Riders were scored by Canadian players... Congi, Hughes, and Fantuz.

Congi has 10 FGs these playoffs.... I wonder what the CFL Record is... he must be getting close.

Good luck next week. It will be a close game. The Bomber D knows it has to come to play. It sure stopped Toronto (when they were able to run over us last week of season). Stokes looked stoked for Winnipeg...and the Riders have been giving up returns.

They still have Charles Roberts, Armstrong, Stegal, and Edwards.

Their QB may be 'green' ... but we have no film of they may have a edge there.

The "play if for Milt" will be a BIG motivator as well.

I am sure we can win it...but we will have to play SOLID football.

GO GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahhooooo! It's shaping up

It's shaping up to be a special year.
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I just finished rubbing some

I just finished rubbing some some salt in the wounds of BC Fans in a couple of blogs and did that feel great. The arrogance shown by the Lions players and coaches was abit much to stomach this past week. And the Jimenez saga was low point for the league, BUT the Green Team showed its determination and great job. I am an admitted band wagon fan but what a year to jump on. There are some weaknesses that the Coach Austin will have to address this week and we can't take the Bombers for granted. Great job guys..Enjoy the win tonight and bring back the Grey Cup!

Welcome to the gong show

Welcome to the gong show

Well I guess that Wally B.

Well I guess that Wally B. "goofed" when he called Carm Carteri a "goof" Smell ya later Wally! BTW, thanks for putiing in Dave "Can't handle the blitz" Dickinson!!

Unreal. Livin the dream


Livin the dream baby!!!!

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