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Two Good Old Italian Boys Go At One Another

The Lions pre=game news conference today was highlighted by quite the exchange between Lions coach Wally Buono and Roughrider radio game analyst Carm Carteri.

Yeh, Good For U !!!!! Yeh,

Yeh, Good For U !!!!!

Yeh, good for you Wally re telling them what they thought they saw.

It's just 2 bad that you didn't:

"TELL YOUR TEAM HOW TO WIN" !!!!!!!!!!!!!




WHAT A "JOKE" HE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the guy:


Didn't sound like Wally was

Didn't sound like Wally was relly "going crazy". His tone is fairly measured, and I can't tell from the radio replay what Carteri is saying much of the time (muffled in the background) but Wally is obviously annoyed at having to respond to a situation that may yet get Jimenez (and the team maybe) in trouble in the off season, via fines or whatever, depending on what the league determines. Wonder how much Jimenez will cry innocent? But Wally certainly could have handled it better, and maybe taken the stance that the incident is under review, that he didn't think there was intent to injure (or hoped there was not, etc.) and let it go at that for now and gotten back to discussions about the upcoming game. Sure seems like he let the pressure of the game get to him in entirely the wrong way.

"Good for you Wally. Its way

"Good for you Wally. Its way past time someone took these guys to task for talking like they know , when in fact all they have is what someone told them what they thought they saw..."

The problem with this statement is that the 'someone' who told them what they 'thought' they saw played for the Stampeders. Buono is essentially defending the hit under the basis of no video evidence means no foul. What was he going to do if Carteri gave him a name and (for example) said Copeland told him? Deny that Copeland saw it? Yeah, I understand he's trying to defend his player b/c as his coach that's what he's supposed to do, but I have an issue with his ethics in that he didn't say something along the lines of 'while Jason is not a dirty player, he did make an error in judgement on that play' or something to that effect. What I also haven't heard are any BC players immediately jumping to Jimenez' defence by saying it was just an unfortunate thing that happened. This is probably b/c, as the facts have been documented, he hit him late, the ref flagged him for it and ejected him from the game. The league reviewed it, took statements, and decided it was serious enough to warrant a suspension. If it was a quote unquote regular illegal block then the yardage would've been marched off and there wouldn't have been any ejections. Obviously, if this had been his first offence then I could see how people could take umbrage, but c'mon, more than one team in this league has been critical of the Lions' blocking tactics and Jimenez in particular. This sounds a lot like the old 'everybody's wrong but me' approach.

What the hell is this in

What the hell is this in Wally saying that there was "NO VIDEO EVIDENCE" of the play. %^#^$%#^%%@

I saw the play on T.V. at least 15 times, if not more.

It plainly showed Jiminex "ROLLING" up the guys legs, from behind, after the play was done.

If Wally didn't see the Video of that play, it was on purpose.

Admit it Wally, Jiminez is a "DIRTY-CHEAP-PLAYER" along with the rest of the Lion O-Line.

What happened to the supposedly "BIG-DIRTY-CHEAP-SHOT" O-Line yesterday ????

I'll tell u what happend. They were handeled easily, by our "BIG-NO CHEAP-SHOT-TOUGH-D-LINE BOYS". Thank you CHUNKY-SCOTT-CHICK-PERRY & the rest.
This just goes 2 show, that by "PLAYING HARD, & CLEAN" will win out over playing "DIRTY".
Oh, how "SWEET" it was seing them sitting on the bench with there "HEADS HANGING DOWN". GOTTA "LOVE THAT" !!!!!!!!!!

Wally, if he were any kind of a man (that is asking allot)should be "ASHAMED OF HIS DIRTY PLAYERS" (not the whole team),as well as "HIMSELF" for letting that kind of a "GARBAGE PLAY" take place.

By the way Carm, congrats for sticking 2 your guns when Wally was "RANTING & RAVING" about what you had said, which was the truth.

I tried to get into the "PUSSY-CAT" Web Site & pay them a "COMPLIMENT",(Rolling Eyes), but they wouldn let me do same. Oh, well, it is a "CHEESY" site anyway.(-_-).

Wally, shave off that "STUPID LOOKING LIP HAIR" (Is it supposed 2 b a Mustache?), as it makes u look more "RIDICULOUS" that usual !!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if the "GREAT WALLY" (Sounds like a Circus Act)will even go to the Grey Cup Game ???????

Will the Rider Fans, or for that matter, anyone else, miss him there, "I THINK NOT".

If Wally plans on not shaving his Mustache off, (if that is what u can call it), until the "PUSSYCATS" win another Grey Cup, he had better get a Helmet with a "FIVE BAR FACE MASK" to save his face, as if he waits until that happens, he will be"TRIPPING ON IT" !!!!!!

Wally is showing that he is

Wally is showing that he is really losing it.

The OFFICIAL saw and penalized the play. He said it was one of the worst cheap shots he has seen. He enacted the strongest penalty he could.

So for Wally to say Carm is wrong because Carm didn't see it is ridiculous.

Wally...YOU SUCK. had, on paper and in the standings, the best team this league has had in years and YOU LOST. YOU could not get them ready to play.

Now..shave that stupid mustach and go home.

I can't tell for sure if you

I can't tell for sure if you are a Lion Fan, or not.

Anyway, it was GREAT 2 C Wally acting like a "CHILD" on the sidline.
I/E/- HOLLERING, & SCREAMING" @ his players.
A "REAL COACH" like KENT AUSTIN does not act like that. He has "WAY MORE" respect for his Team, & himself to act like a "CHILD" !!!!!!!!!

What happened to there supposedly "TOUGH-MEAN-DIRTY" O.Line ????

Our D-LINE handeled them with "EASE" !!!!!!!!!

It simply showed that if a team playes "HARD", that they don't have to play "DIRTY" to win.

It made my HEART feel "SSSSSOOOOO GGGGOOOOD" to see Murphy, Jimenez, & the rest of the so called "FEARLESS-TOUGH Lions O-LINE" hanging there head on the bench !!!!!!!!!!

Other that the two big run backs by Smart, the Lions showed "NOTHING @ ALL" !!!!!!

Also how "CHILD LIKE" it was of Wally for the way he swore, & for the way he spoke to Carm in the interview.


Myself, & the rest oF Sask. & the rest of the Rider Fans throught Canada, r "VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL".

Wally going crazy on a

Wally going crazy on a colour commentary guy.

Hmmm, who was acting like a rookie coach?

Good for you Wally. Its way

Good for you Wally. Its way past time someone took these guys to task for talking like they know , when in fact all they have is what someone told them what they thought they saw. Too bad about the outcome of todays game, however, there's always next year.Thanks for an excellent season from a guy down the hall in RCH.

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