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Health Scare For Eric Tillman

Riders general manager Eric Tillman is not with the football team in Vancouver. He is back at home after doctors ordered him not to travel with the team following an overnight stay at the General Hospital. Tillman was working in his office Thursday night when he started experiencing chest pains. He was taken to hospital for tests. Tillman says he is suffering from a condition that can be dealt with during the off-season and that he is fine. When asked how he will be able to watch the football game without aggravating his condition, he says "I'll be fine as long as Andre Proulx isn't the referee". Tillman also goes on to say the events of the day have served as a wake-up call to him and his family. He says he wants to win championships but also wants to be a father and husband. He adds that while not in Vancouver this weekend, he will be in Toronto next weekend to watch the Riders play for the Grey Cup.

I trust that Eric will be

I trust that Eric will be well soon. Thanks for a great season. And to all you Rider fans, I think we should take a page out of Kent Austin's statements over the year - let's not allow that "joker" who keeps putting down Tillman to continue to have his way. If we ignore him/her, they won't have anyone to argue with anymore. Austin has stated that there will always be critics, no matter what you do, so you just continue to do your best, and know you have done what you could for the team. Eric has done that for the Riders this year, so let's leave it at that, and not allow this person to continue to be a pest. He/she doesn't need to be answered to by us fans. The team has already done that by their on field, as well as their off field, character.


You are officially a true

You are officially a true Rider Prider Eric! I'm almost 49 yrs of age and for the 45 yrs I've been going to Rider games I've had my own experiences of chest pains. Adrenalin combined with the harsh Saskatchewan elements can do that to a person. We all wish you well. When you join a strong community based team you become part of the community! You have shown class & loyalty to OUR team and that fits right in with the history of the Saskatchewan Roughrider team & fans. This is not your obituary, so when your doctors are running their tests and find you bleed GREEN, tell them it's a normal occurance in this province & to perhaps search for some other problem! To CFL's FINEst G.M. Frannie

"I'll be fine as long as

"I'll be fine as long as Andre Proulx isn't the referee"

Best thing ever.

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