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Wally's World

Lions coach Wally Buono is eagerly anticipating Sundays Western final. He was with Drew and I Wednesday night to talk about the game.

I 'm sure that anyone

I 'm sure that anyone that listened to this noticed that Buono said that Murphy playes with allot of emotion.
There is a hell of allot of difference between playing with emotion, & playing "DIRTY".

Scott Shultz playes with as much, or more, emotion as anyone in the league, in any positon, but is "NOT A DIRTY PLAYER" !!!!
He gets the job done, more that well, without playing dirty.

In saying this, if the "PUSSYCATS" want to get dirty this weekend, you will see that the Riders will more that match them, with out "PLAYING DIRTY" !!!!!

Bring em on Buono, & you will see what "EMOTIONIONAL PLAYERS" can & will do against"
"DIRTY PLAYERS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if "SIR WALLY", will even bother going to the Grey Cup Game as a "SPECTATOR" ??????

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