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Checking In With Wally

Lions coach Wally Buono is scheduled to join us at 605 tonight on the DRSS

Even though I want the

Even though I want the Riders to kick the Lion's ass this weekend, you can't help but recognize the success of Mr Wally.

But Buono and the Lions are gonna get roughed up this weekend - it's karma's payback for all the crappy stuff his players have done this year.


Oh, is Mr. Buono gonna come

Oh, is Mr. Buono gonna come on the show and vindicate his players for breaking limbs (it IS a rough game, you know) or is he gonna talk about how he plans on scouting prisons for talent, like he did last year (sarcasm there, although with all the goons on BC it wouldn't surprise me). What a douche.

Brendan in Stoon

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