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Appealing His Suspension

It has just crossed my desk that Lions offensive line Jason Jimenez has indicated he will appeal his one game suspension. Its not known when that appeal will take place but as it stands right now, it looks like he will play in the Western final.

I agree with the above

I agree with the above comment about the appeals process taking too long. I also have another thought on this issue though. I am not sure why players are allowed to appeal their suspensions in the first place. The two schools of thought I have on this are simple. The first is that this appeals process is clearly being abused by players who get suspensions handed down. The Jimenez hit is clearly an act that we do not need in our league and I am not even Calgary fan (not even close). The second thing is that when there is a penalty assessed in a game, there is no oppourtunity to challenge it. So why do these players who commit questionable acts get to challenge their consequences.

I am a big fan of the game, although I am getting really sick of these players not having to serve their punishments. It will be a tragedy if Jimenez is allowed to play in the western final with a pending suspension. It would essentially be no different than him getting no punishment at all.

My only thought about how to maybe change this whole process would be to double the penalty if the appeal is not granted and the player plays a game that he was supposed to be suspended for.

Jay Coe

This appeals process takes

This appeals process takes longer than a death sentence appeal in the U.S. ! It needs to be done in a more timely fashion to be meaningful at all [a player could be traded to another team,and that team could end up with the loss in the time it takes]!!! As far as BC lions being too cocky, that's a given, they ALWAYS are. They are perhaps the dirtiest team in the league right now so the riders have the noise factor & cheap shot factor to worry about.

Of course he would appeal

Of course he would appeal it, this is the playoffs, and if he loses he will do the same as AJ Gass; appeal it again so that he doesn't have to miss the Grey Cup (if they can beat the mad green machine). I agree with the above writer that this policy needs to be reviewed. The current trend makes the rules inept and pointless. The offending players have the control to set whatever schedule they like. The suspension should be handed out and a date preset for appeal prior to the next weeks game (since they announce these suspensions shortly after the offense occurs). Oh well hopefully it will drive the Riders to overcome the miked in noise at BC Place. It's too bad they can't get real fans to be as noisy as the Riders.

In the offseason they had

In the offseason they had better look at a better way of doing this. Appeals should be heard before the next game.

He doesn't get paid for playoff games...if he loses the appeal and the lions win he will miss the Grey Cup...bad. If he loses the appeal and the lions lose he will miss a game (and a full paycheck) next year.

Course he could win the appeal...wish those were public. In fact, I hope he gets sued by the stamp who prob lost his career...

Whatever the outcome results

Whatever the outcome results as, this will be a distraction for the BC lions. Also BC is gonna be so cocky that they won't prepare like they should. I think that the toughest opponent that we have had in these playoffs was Calgary. The toughest factor will be noise in that dome. BC had to many close wins this year. They're in for it this time around!

Oko Sinko

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