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I Recognize Those Guys

When you are watching the highlights of the WSF and you see DJ Flick speeding down the sidelines, take a look at who is standing on the sidelines right by the goal-line. C'mon Jim, c'mon least borrow some pom-poms from the cheer team if you're going to do that. :)

Is there any way of getting

Is there any way of getting the "Green is the colour" or the "Rider Pride" song on CD or MP3?

I loved seeing Tillman get

I loved seeing Tillman get into the game.

Also, I want to than Lloyd for showing his Rider pride after the semi-final victory by waving the Rider flag in front of the fans.

Hey, where's Eric the Red and White? I guess he can't show his red face around this green zone for awile LOL

yAY Riders

Holy cow this clown is still

Holy cow this clown is still on the Tillman/Murphy bashing. I haven't been on this site since the last dust up I had with him a few weeks ago. This guy needs some serious councelling. Wow!!!

Mitchy, do us all a favour and ban this guy.

Don't "DEGRADE" Clowns, by

Don't "DEGRADE" Clowns, by putting this "FOOL" in that same catagory as them !!!!!!!!!

They are "WAY ABOVE THIS PERSON" in all areas !!!!!!!!!!

Myself, & many, many, more people also wish there were some way of banning this "DEGENERATE" out of a real good site.

I cannot believe the

I cannot believe the negativity coming from SRF. If we keep making negative comments about what Tillman did in the past, rather then focusing on what he and Austin have done for this team now, we will always be in yesterday land. Fact is, we placed second in the division, hosted and won a home playoff game, and no players were in trouble with the law to distract this team. This team is able to face adversity and prosper, rather then fold, as in the past, AND THAT STARTS FROM THE TOP DOWN!!!!!! Without this management team, we would probably be watching Calgary battle it out with BC on Sunday. I know that your intentions may be honourable SRF, but maybe let Tillman improve his resume. Only Rider fans can find something wrong during such a successful season. Thats why were are the greatest fans in the league!!!! Cut the guy some slack, and let him prove you wrong, rather then complaining when the guy has turned this team around. Go Riders!!!!!

It's AMAZING how anyone can

It's AMAZING how anyone can be down on Tillman!!!!!!!!

What has he done wrong since he has been here ???
Nothing that I can think of.

Some people would "BI--H" if there "ICE CREAM WAS COLD", just because they are "FOOLS", & have absolutly nothing to back there argument on.

Yo is not the best receiver the Riders have, but is probably real good at settling down the younger guys on the club, due to his years of experience. He has a few Championship Rings to show that he has been around, & has the talent. Sure, he has slowed up a bit, but at 36 yrs old, it is natural.

Until the time comes (if it does come)there has been no reason at all to complian about Tillman !!!!!!!!

Know lets all get back to what this Site was meant for, being the RIDERS.

John:     Obviously


    Obviously sarcasm is lost on you and obviously you can't see that the smiley at the end of the post was meant to show that I too was in full support of what Tillman and Hopson did on the Flick touchdown. It shows that they just like us were doing what we should have been on that play and that is cheer the touchdown. I hope this clears things up for you.

Mitchell, it sure does,

Mitchell, it sure does, glad my impression of you as a supporter of the Riders continues. Keep up the good work.

MAKE ME SICK !!!!!!!!! It's

MAKE ME SICK !!!!!!!!!

It's so called fans like yourself that make myself, & many, many more real fans "SICK" !!!!!!!!!!

It was not Tillman thet decided who was going to start the game yesterday, or any other game.

Would you have ever seen Shivers on the sidelines cheering for a player running into the endzone ? I THINK NOT !!!!!!!!!

This Great Site was meant for the Real Fans (excluding yourself)to discuss the Riders, & not to bash the G.M. Reporters, or anyone else.

STAY OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shivers DID go down to the

Shivers DID go down to the sidelines and cheer the team on, many times. And if you can’t see that Yo is playing because Tillman has ordered it then you’re blind. Kent wanted Palmer. Palmer has played very well. Kent has given Palmer high praise and called him a gamer, and Kent has given very faint praise to Yo at best, and what else could he say? Yo is the worst import starting receiver in the league, maybe the worst import receiver period, and certainly much worse than Palmer. He’s old and slow and averages less than 30 yards per game, and yet he just keeps on starting. He also might be the most overpaid player on the league.

So, tell me why you lie to slam Shivers, and lie to try to defend Tillman? Reading between the lines, there is something there that I certainly find very disgusting. Real fans don’t lie, and real fans want what’s best for the team. You're failing on both counts.

Just when I think that you

Just when I think that you couldn't say anything stupider than you did below, I scroll up and find this drivel. Apparently "SRF" stands for "Stupid Rider Fan" -- have another hoot or go back to bed ...


NOT FALINIG @ ALL !!!!!!!!!!

I don't know where you, with you "LITTLE MIND" get the idea that I am failing on what I have said re Tillman ????

Can you honeslty say that the "REAL RIDERS FANS" have any reason to complain about Tillman ?

No they don't as he, so far, has not given us any reason to complain about anyting he had done since coming to the Riders !!!!!!!!!

Until that time comes, if it does, why don't you "KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT".

If you are a Shivers Fan, move to Las Vegas, & "COOK STEAKS" with him.
That is probably are far as he will ever get, unless some "HIGH-SCHOOL" team hires him to be there WATER BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shivers is gone, Tillman is

Shivers is gone, Tillman is here, so lets forget about what happened in the past, & get on with the present.

Roy did bring in some "TOP QUALITY PLAYERS", & I am not knocking him @ all. I was wrong is saying that Roy was not on the siedlines,& am sorry for saying what I did.

You, or know one else, will ever convince me that Eric deccides who, or who not, is going to start, or finish "ANY GAME", be it a Regular Season, or Playoff Game.

Kent, & his Coaching Staff decide that, & if for some unkmown reason, you don't believe that, you have been misinformed somewhere along the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets back the people we have here know, until we has a very valid reason not to.

Mitchell, I can't believe

Mitchell, I can't believe you would make a comment like that after the decades of management that really could care less for the team. Where you as part of the media worked at getting a comment worth repeating in a province starving for something to rally around. We now have a G.M. who quite frankly should be G.M. of the year and where's his heart and the provinces heart on his sleeve. If someone were to ask what are the three images of the 2007 season to date, it would be Kerry's quarterback draw against Winnipeg, Tillman's waving of the flag after the game and the pure emotion of Tillman's hand pump on the Flick touchdown. The image you mock is the talk of the province and the national media this morning.

John Fedirko

Tillman GM of the year!?

Tillman GM of the year!? You’re joking, right? Now is not the time to get into it but, far from being GM of the year, Tillman has shown this year why he’s probably the single worst GM that this league has seen in the last decade, and why he always gets fired to quickly. Tillman has shown that he doesn’t care enough about this team to bother doing any work in the off season, and that he puts preferential treatment for his special players ahead of the best interests of the team. Take useless Yo for one example. Palmer, a player Kent told Tillman to sign, has started two games for us this year and in his worst game he had more yards than Yo had in his best game, and Yo started 6 games for us this year. In those two games Palmer had more total yardage than Yo did in 6 games, and yet who started yesterday in an extremely important playoff game? It was Tillman’s full scholarship man Yo Murphy, who, to no one’s surprise, had yet another pitiful game and ended up 6th in yardage for us with 2 catches for 18 yards. Yo is useless, but he’s Tillman’s guy and clearly Tillman has ordered that he start whenever he’s healthy, to the detriment of our team. It makes you wonder if Tillman was cheering because the Riders were scoring on that play or because his guy Flick was scoring.

This is an issue we should address after the playoffs, however, because in spite of Tillman’s performance this year we still have enough of Roy's talent and Kent and Kerry have been so incredibly good that they could still take this team all the way, so let’s not lose focus on that right now.

SRF, You're gonna be alone


You're gonna be alone in saying that Tillman is the worst GM in the CFL for the last decade. This season started with him hiring Austin, who has undoubtedly been the catalyst. He got us Flick, he got us Holmes back. If you want to talk about terrible GM's, maybe have a look at Calgary's head office...?

You base your argument solely on this whole Yo Murphy vs Palmer thing. So what if Yo doesn't have 100 yards receiving in every game. Maybe he brings the intangible things to the huddle? I'd say veteran leadership, for one. Palmer did play, I believe he was in on the 5-receiver sets.

If you're going to call Tillman the worst GM this decade, you had better back up your statement with more supporting evidence than Yo Murphy, if you plan on convincing anyone other than yourself.


I’m very far from alone.

I’m very far from alone. Ask the Toronto management team that fired him after one year, a year when his team won the cup, for a start, or the Ottawa owners who took his football responsibilities away from him after only two years. I’d be happy to go into more detail, but now is not the time. After the playoffs will be the time. If you want a sneak preview, however, do some research on his employment history, and if you want to go deeper then look at the difference between the major statements he’s made since coming here and what he’s actually done, like him saying that he was only going to sign character players, and saying that he wasn’t going to have any full scholarship players, and saying that he was going to work hard for the team, and saying that we had major cap issues this off season, and saying that he’s not going to make any excuses, and … I won’t fill in the blanks for you now, but if you don’t know them by then I will after the playoffs.

Just thought I'd throw this

Just thought I'd throw this out there, but didn't Toronto also fire Kent Austin? Somethin for you to think about anyway

Quit blowing smoke out of

Quit blowing smoke out of your *** -- you have no "blanks" to "fill in" anyway, or you would because you are clearly someone that likes to hear himself (or herself) speak. Quit playing "I've got a secret" and say what you have to say. Eric would have to have a whole lot of skeletons in his closet to be any worse than what we have had here for the previous 6 years or so ...

KNOW WHY ??????? You know

KNOW WHY ???????

You know whay this "JOKER" doesn't say exactly what he has again't Tillman ???

As I'm sure you all know, he hasn't got anything at all intelligent to say against him !!!!

You can't fill in the "BLANKS" with a "BLANK MIND" !!!!!

He is a "BIG BLOW BAG" to say the least, & that is giving him the benfit of the doubt !!!!!!!!!

What is your problem

What is your problem ?????

What do you have against Tillman ?

Do you have a persoanl grudge against him, or what ??

You "BABBLE ON" about him, but can give absolutley "NO VALID REASON" fo doing so.

As far as Tillman being let go on Toronto, & Ottawa, what the hell has that got to do with what he has done so far with the Riders ???

Do you forget that he has a "RING" from when he was with B.C. ?

I suppose, seeing that Calgary let Higgens go, you are going to be "PISSED AT HIM ALSO" !!!!!!!!!!!

Until you can give us all, a VALID REASON,for what you are "YAPPING ABOUT":

Grow up, "LITTLE MAN" !!!!!!!!!!

Toronto fired him, true.

Toronto fired him, true. Toronto has had major ups and downs since then.

Ottawa fired him.... where are they now?

You can argue against Tillman until you're blue in the face, but the fact is with the staff and additional players he brought to Saskatchewan, we put together a great season that included our first playoff game in 19 years. What do you call that? Luck?

Kind of a joke, isn't it?

Kind of a joke, isn't it? SRF is likely the same guy who said, "PUT IN CRANDEL" earlier this year, or "TRADE AUSTIN" back in the 90's, or "ROCK IS DEAD, LONG LIVE DISCO"

Hey SRF! Enjoy the ride and quit complaining.

Kiss is better then the Bee Gee's


Is it going to take you

Is it going to take you until after the playoffs to make something up to put in about Tillman ????

If you have all the info on Tillman, like you say you have, put it in know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"CHICKEN-S--T" !!!!!!!!!!

Fact is with this management

Fact is with this management group we have wone more games then we have in 37 years...hosted and won a home playoff game.

Sure some of the players were "Roy's" players...but he had these players the last 3 years and couldn't do better then 9-9.

Yes he has had a few different jobs...but he also has championship rings.

For the past couple years under Shivers he was given a blank cheque to sign anyone to anything... with that he still couldn't build a championship team.

Is Tillman the best? Who knows. Is he better then his predecessor? One just needs to look at the stats...the answer is simple...YES.

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