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Giving Credit To the Opposition

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  • Title: Austin INTVW
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Riders coach Kent Austin says the Stampeders really made his team work for the win and he gave them a lot of credit after the game......


Sorry, Kent, but I can't agree with you in saying he gave credit to Calgary.

They don't have much of a team at all !!!!!!!!

When you can't beat a team with the amount of injuries that the Riers have, doesn't say much for them, by any stretch of ones imagination.

Imagine what the score would have been if the Riders had all the injuried guys playing.
They were basically without a running back, although Cory, with an injuried shoulder, certainly did his best.

As far as "CRYIN-HANK" goes, he is a:

"LOOSER ALL THE WAY". He has been in the past & will continue to be in the future, although his future could be short !!!!!
What a "BEAUTIFUL SIGHT" it was to see him laying on the turf.
Man, those "EYES" of his were really "BULGING OUT"then !!!!!!!!!!!

K.J. has forgotten more about being a Quarterback, then Hank ever knew !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey you "STUMP-EATER-FANS" ( are there any?) suck it up, & admit that you were "BEATEN BY A FAR SURPERIOUR TEAM" !!!!!!!!!!!!

The score "FLATTERED" the "STUMPS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dwight S.

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