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W2W4-The WSF Edition

Good morning Rider Nation and welcome to a day you have been waiting for for 19 years. Today is the day you see your football team in a home playoff game. Will it be like 1988 or will this team move on to Vancouver for the Western final. Here's what I'll watch for on Western Semi Final Sunday

1. The weather.  Word is it will be windy (35k) at kickoff with those winds diminishing throughout the day. Will it affect the two teams. Kerry Joseph says having to practice at Taylor Field in windy conditions helps him but you hafta think Henry Burris hasn't forgotten about those winds. Lets hope the day can somehow be like Saturday. Playing this game Saturday afternoon would have been perfect!!!!

2. The 13th man.  28-thousand 800 screaming Rider fans. Rider fans that know they have to be screaming right from the opening kickoff(except when Saskatchewan has the football!!). The tougher it is for Calgary, the better it is for Saskatchewan

3. Stopping Joffrey Reynolds. I think Reynolds is always the guy you want to stop when playing the Stampeders. If its 2nd and long, it will be a long day for Henry Burris. If its 2nd and short, Hank can cut you apart and he has the weapons to do it.

4. Corey Holmes. He is the tailback of the day because of the foot injury to Wes Cates. Corey gives them a little more of a dynamic presence in the backfield but Cates' blocking will hurt especially when you combine that with the fact Chris Szarka isn't playing.

5. Nerves. The Riders cant be nervous for this one as they go out knowing the support that is behind them can they. I guess we'll find out.

In the end, I say its off to Vancouver in the Western final. Your final score Sunday afternoon will be Saskatchewan 36 Calgary 21. ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!!

It should have been a

It should have been a penalty against both players, or none at all.

Cory did flip the ball at Browner, but did not throw it back hard, like he did.

I don't think that Cory meant to do what he did, but was just a spur of the moment reaction.

GO-GET-EM-RIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph vs Burris

Well I guess that ends the debate of whether or not Burris should have been the West MOP nominee ahead of Kerry Joseph. I've never seen a gutsier, more determined, "refuse to lose" performance then I did from KJ today. Like I've stated here MANY times....Burris can NOT win the big game. He proved it again today!


When Burris left the Riders,

When Burris left the Riders, for so called "GREENER PASTURES" In Calgary, many fans were real upset the he left, & were wondering who did the Riders have to take his place.

I was not one of them. I don't know exactly why, but never did see much in Hank.
As it turned out, it was a GREAT THING that he did leave.
Meaning, would we have ended up with the BEST Q.B. In the C.F.L.?

Who knows. We may have ended up not getting Kerry, & would be sitting on the outside looking in, again.

Many "THANKS", Hank for leaving, what is soon (If not this year)to be the "BEST TEAM IN THE C.F.L.".

I would love to send him a "THANK YOU CARD", but can't find out his address !!!!!!!!!

Dwight S.

Almost 400 yards passing and

Almost 400 yards passing and over 100 yards rushing! That’s insane. It’ll be big raise time for KJ in the off season! If Printers, Ray, and Dickenson are all making around $500k then KJ is surely worth all of that as well.

Holmes + Browner Penalty

The only bone I got to pick with the WSF game is the disorderly conduct penalty against Cory Holmes. The way I saw it was, Browner was trying to strip the ball from Cory after the play, and Cory handed it to Browner, and Cory gets a penalty for it! It was justa baby pass... not like Cory drilled it at Browner. But after Holmes gave the ball to Browner, Browner turns around and tries to hit Cory with the ball (either that was coincidence, or intentional, the ball came pretty close to Cory's head). Now, I don't think thats fair that Cory should have got the penalty for that... if anything, Browner should have got the penalty. Cory just kinda gave it to Browner like "Hey, you wan't the ball so badly... here, have it). But just 1 more thing... i'm glad that the Riders won the game, if only by 2... but if they want to win against BC, they really have to step it up, or the Riders might just get eaten alive by BC, and I don't want to see happen, nor does all of Riderville for that matter. GO RIDERS GO... KICK BC's A** :)

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