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Higgins Deserves Better

Tom Higgins was a very gracious man during his pre-game press conference with the national media today. This is someone who basically has been told that he will no longer be coaching the football team and may no longer have a spot in the organization as soon as what has been a disappointing season is over. It was my belief and that of several others in attendance that Higgins was saying good-bye. Higgins made it clear to everyone today that this will be the first time he has coached in the Western semi-final in which he has been the visiting team's coach. Thats pretty damn impressive if you ask me--especially when the last coach of the Riders for a home playoff game was John Gregory. The Stamps have had the reputation over the past few years of being the extremely cocky ones that you love to knock off. Higgins has not been that type of individual. He has always been very classy when I have dealt with him and his candour will be missed if he doesn't resurface somewhere.

Tom Higgins

If you look at Tom Higgins record from Edmonton and Calgary. He has a very good record. I believe he does deserves better and is a class act.Unlike some of the players that he coaches.

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