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  • Artist: MB
  • Title: Eddie Davis
  • Length: 3:31 minutes (1.21 MB)
  • Format: Mono 44kHz 48Kbps (CBR)

The Rider Nation is scared of the secondary and whether or not Henry Burris can expose it Sunday afternoon. The leader of that secondary tries to calm the fears somewhat. Here's Eddie Davis.....


The only thing I'm scared about is that "Mitchy" will continue to try and undermine everything the Riders have worked so hard toward this year...thing is, anyone who listens to him regularly can't possibly take his comments seriously anyway. The Riders will continue rolling on toward the Grey Cup with or without Mr. Blair's support!

ain't scared

Only one who should be scared is Hank who will be reintroduced to his friends, Shultz, Perry, Gordon and his new best from Chick. This will be a game Hank will be lucky to remember.

Nothin like fresh horse meat to feed a Gopher in November

I ain't scared of Burris,

I ain't scared of Burris, remember HOPE beats fear Mitch!

Mitch bleeds Red!

Since when is the Whole Rider Nation scared, nothing like Mitch to try and create doubt! Keep trying it's not going to work.


Let's try to remember who

Let's try to remember who has 12 wins and who has 7. Too many of the faithful have written the Riders off. BS. We have the better team . . . period! Sure, anybody can beat anybody in the CFL but I like our chances. See you in section 28 at the game!

VERY GOOD CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Riders have better than an "AVERAGE CHANCE" of winning the "CUP THIS YEAR".

I here that they are "SIX POINT" favorites over the "STUMP-EATERS".

I don't know who made up the odds, but they can, very easily, beat them by far more points than that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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