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Cates M.I.A.(Again)

Kent Austin tells the Rider nation to relax and not worry about Wes Cates.

(Wes Cates with his foot taped up last week)



"SPEAK UP" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answers would make a "WHOLE LOT MORE SENSE IF WE COULD HERE THE QUESTIONS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranek Will Be Ready

If Wes is out for the game, I hope Ranek is ready to go. I'd much rather have him out there complementing Corey than Henri Childs. Ranek is a power runner who can catch the ball pretty well...I want Cates...but if he is a no go...let's see the "Little Ball of Hate" ram the ball down the Stamps throats.


It's the "Little Ball of Hates" Time to Shine

With Cates being left off the 46 man roster it is pretty much sealed that he won't play tomorrow. I think Ranek can do the job, my only concern is his conditioning...we are going to need him in the 4th quarter if the game is tight.

Go Riders!!! The big day is almost upon us!!


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