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So Thats What It Was Like

Do you remember the 1988 Western semi-final. Were you in Taylor Field the day the Lions beat the Riders in what had been the first playoff game in Regina in a number of years. If you were there or even if you weren't, you can now see that 1988 game on ESPN Classic. The network will air the game November 17 at 3 PM Saskatchewan time with a replay November 18 at 3 AM. Hopefully the 2007 game is better than the 88 one if you know what I mean......and I think you do!!!

So thats what it was like

My Dad, my Girlfriend and I drove down from Yorkton to take in the game. We were sitting on the east side in the north corner and the wind was coming at us pretty steady. It was really cold especially by half time as I remember it being a late start. My Dad was tapping his boots to keep warm and he starts looking around. He says to me, "are those TV cameras?" "Yep", I answer. "So it's televised?" "Yep." "But it's blacked out in Saskatchewan, right?" "Nope, it's playoffs," I say, knowing what's coming. "You mean I could be sitting on my comfy couch in my toasty living room in Yorkton, watching the game!?!". "Yeah Dad, but you never know when this happens again!" Even I didn't think it would take 19 years! GO RIDERS!!

1988 Playoff game

My brother and I went to the game. We were sitting about 20 rows up, on the NE 10 yard line. Yes, it was cold, but the electricity in the air made it worth it. Hoping for a different result this time!

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