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A Little Pep Talk From the GM

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Eric Tillman is confident that Saturday's performance against the Argos was an aberration and that the real Riders return Sunday in the Western semi-final. He discusses that and whether or not the team has exceeded expectations while visiting with us on the Drew Remenda Sports Show Tuesday night.....

Eric Tillman.

I listened to Eric last night on the "WORLD FAMOUS" D.R.SHOW, & just listened to him again in here.

My question is this:
Why are some, so called (not many & not true Rider Fans)wanting his head served to them on a "SILVER PLATTER" ??????

What more do they expect of him ???????
Just look @ some of the trades he made this year. He got allot of GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS, for bacically "NOTHING". The trade with Calgary in getting Cates was pretty much an even trade for both teams, meaning that both got what they were looking for. As far as the trades with Hamilton, he sure as hell didn't give up much for what he got in return !!!!!

I am sure that for next season, we all will see him bring allot more young players,with allot of talent, that will fit in with Coach Austins system . Plus, I am also sure that he will be keping his eyes open for some good football players that are playing out there option with whatever team they are with know.

As far as F.A. Camps, I will bet $'s that there will be some, seeing that the club has some $'s to spend on same.

Seeing the "GREAT SEASON" the Riders have had this year, there will be some of the above mentioned players, that will want to come to the Riders, seeing that they already have a very good solid team & are going to do nothing but better.

Everyone wants to play for a:

Keep up thr good work, Eric.


I know that I will get some flack for what I mentioned here, but could "REALLY CARE LESS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!


No flak from me. Tillman has turned this organization around. End of story!

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