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Don't Worry, That's The Coaches Job

A 28 point loss on the eve of the playoffs should be of the coaches, mostly Kent Austin. Don't panic Rider Nation!! Austin has Grey Cup rings, as a player and as an an offensive coordinator. He has seen first hand what it takes to win. Even though he is a rookie head coach, there is probably no better coach in this league to rally the troops after what he saw Saturday then Austin.

Looking ahead to Sunday, both offenses have the capability to be explosive. Even though the Riders are without Matt Dominguez, D.J. Flick has proven time and time again he can be a big play guy. We all know that Henry Burris has weapons to work with as well with the Stampeders. This game may be won on defense. That's where the Riders have the edge. The Green and White will need to return to the dominant pass rush that they had early in the season when they led the league in sacks. If Henry Burris is forced to do things with the ball, he doesn't want to do, he has been known to give up the untimely interception.

Attitude and Intensity

It is not so much what happens to you, it is more on how you react to what happens to you. So far this season Kent and company have instilled a winning attitude in the players.

Our defence has to come out with intensity and determination and get constant pressure on Burris, as this is when he panics and makes the most mistakes. Games in the playoffs are more frequently won with a solid defence. Conversely we need to protect our QB, if Calgary can even come close to what Toronto did it will be a long day.

What disappointed most in the past few weeks is I do not remember a game where we have not given up over 300 yards passing and close to or over 100 yards rushing. Kent and co. will have no choice but get the D team focused and bring game.

Kerry G

Austin Can !!!!!!!!!!!!

If there is any coach in the league that can get the best out of all his team, "AUSTIN IS THE MAN" !!!!!!!

He knows what it takes to win, & has a way to get same into his players minds.

I, and many, many, more Rider Fans, know that the team that takes the field this week will be a different one than last week.

THe "WHOLE TEAM" will be coming out with one thing in mind, & that is:

"TO WIN" !!!!!!!!!!!! &:
"THAT THEY WILL" !!!!!!!

Dwight S.

riders game sunday

I ll be there hopefully not freezing. No doubt in my mind we have the team this year. I hope the riders can use the 13th man and send Hank home not smiling!! I also would love to be involved in the chant H-E-N-R-Y as we kick calgary s butt. It would feel awesome. Rock on Rider Nation


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