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CFL Makes Mistake Regarding All-Star Team

The CFL announcing Sunday that a mistake was made in tabulating votes for the Western Division all-star team. Earlier in the week, Rider kicker Luca Congi had been announced as the all-star kicker in the West, but after further review the league found that was not correct and that the nomination should have gone to Sandra De Angelis of the Stampeders.

An obvious mistake..Luca has played awful this season

they need to re-tabulate Henry Burris' votes as well...there was an obvious error there as well.

Burris Votes.

If they recounted, I am sure that Burris would come up with:

"LESS VOTES" !!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many times he actually voted for himself ??????

Henry has a better QB

Henry has a better QB rating... sure. But KJ has done far more for his team than Complainin' Hank has for his. Team records speak for themselves.

Laughable. Let Calgary have

Laughable. Let Calgary have that honour. We'll see what happens in a week's time... and allstar/ not allstar talk will be meaningless.

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