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Give credit where credit is due. The Argonauts are a good football club....they didn't win their last seven because they are lucky but they aren't as good as what the Riders made them out to be. A lot of this has to be attributed to the fact the Riders knew where they were going to be next weekend while Toronto was still playing for something. The Riders just didn't have that cohesion offensively right from the get-go and when you are facing the #1 defence in the CFL its tough to get it going. On the other side of the ball, Toronto scored early and just kept pouring it on the way they had to to make sure they would finish first in the East. I'm sure there are some out there who are very worried after seeing that performance today but I can't see a repeat of that on November 11. It was just one of those games where despite what some will say some may have been looking ahead. Doing that against a team that had something to play for equals a bad result. If these two teams play again this season---and they will if Saskatchewan gets to the Grey Cup, the result will be different. The same team might win that won today but it won't be by 28. So to today's game, I say MEHHHHHH!!! It just didn't matter.


Newstalk 980 censors blog

So now the Newstalk980 crew are censoring the blog! Haha..what a bunch of losers. Riders can't take crticism or is it that the criticism hits way to close to home????

Any way you cut it, it is a cowardly move.

Sorry Mitch, more than mehhh...

Mitch, I don't mean to be rude in any way, but this was not a good way to finish the regular season. I think that if the defense would have stopped the Argos on their first possesion, we would have won. We would have gotten the ball back with momentum, and we would have likely scored. Calgary is going to watch our game film and they will exploit our secondary. I am not a criticizing fan, but next week will be a shootout unless our defense improves. I still believe that this is our year, this a good team we have, we just need to make some adjustments.

Oko Sinko

The Riders show against the

The Riders show against the Argos was....well rather embarrasing! This is a team that is lining up for a playoff game next weekend and they got blown away!! Does it matter that they lost? No..BUT fans paid good money to come out and cheer on the Green and White to witness a disaster. It may be challenging to be victorious 9 in a row, BUT they HAVE to step it up a lot when they come face to face with Calgary next week!! Come on Riders do it for yourself, do it for the team, do it for the coach, do it for the FANS!! This home playoff game has been a long time coming, PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINT!!! Goodluck, go get em'!

NO BIG DEAL !!!!!!!!

The loss today was no big deal at all.
The Riders were missing allot of there first string players, & more than that, there were quite a few playing that have very little experience.
Toronta was playing all first stringers, plus they have a very solid team.

In order for the Riders to have gone the rest of the season undefeated, they would have to have won NINE GAMES IN A ROW.

When was the last time that any team in the C.F.L., or any other league, have won that many in a row ???? Believe me, it doesnt happen very often at all.

The bad game is out of the way, so know we go on a "THREE GAME WINNING STREAK", & bring home the:

Dwight S.

I still don't see the(very few) calgary fans signing there names.
"CHICKEN SH--S" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Davis, Johnson and

I think Davis, Johnson and Justin all made mistakes, but they all made plays too. Johnson and Justin were out last week so that combined with the fact that this game didn’t mean anything in the standings may have been the reason for these three not being as sharp and consistent throughout the game. Kornegay is just bad, but Robinson should be back next week I believe. Whenever Adams has been out it’s seemed to really affect our pass rush and that happened again today. If you give any QB enough time he’ll pick your secondary apart. I think he’ll be back next week too, though.

On offence they blitzed us a lot, and we may not have had all of our screens and outlet passes in our offence because Cates and Holmes were out. MAM also took 3 penalties I believe, and he generally averages a little less than one per game. So there were a lot of different factors that came together to make us look flat.

On the plus side Palmer had another good game. We’ve really needed a third receiver to step up and now Palmer has done that. I’m sure Calgary is going to try to shut down Fantuz and Flick so Palmer is going to be needed to have a big game for us next week too. Hoffart only caught one ball, but he looked good doing it. I would have liked to see him catch a few more as I think we could use his size and speed in our receiving corps.


A very good comment.

It is easy to tell that you know your football very well.

Blowout, yes it was.
Was Austin happy, "NOT A DAM BIT" !!!!!!!!

He was not mad, but you could tell by the way he spoke that he was "VERY DISSAPOINTED", & rightfully so.
I like the way he put it in saying that playing to the best of there ability, whether is is a meaning game, or not, is what they get paid for.
Smart Coach---Smart Man.

I'm sure that we all will be seeing a much different team run on the field next week to a "PARK FULL OF CHEERING RIDER FANS".

As far as the VERY FEW "STUMP-EATER"-FANS that will be there, we won't wory about them in the least !!!!!!!!!

"NEXT WEEK IS OUR TURN" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO-GETEM-RIDERS !!!!!!!!!!

Dwight S.


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