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Joseph Gets West Nomination

A former Rider quarterback or the current Rider quarterback will be the 2007 CFL MVP. The player of the year finalists are Kerry Joseph and Kevin Glenn. Joseph preventing a sweep by the BC Lions in the West as members of the first place Lions took the other nominations. For a complete list, go to the CFL's website at


Burris whines

Here's what Burris said about Kerry getting the nod for MVP ...

"Kerry's a good friend of mine and I'm happy that he had a spectacular season," Burris said Wednesday. "But if you look at the numbers and what a person needed to do to make it happen, I thought I did just that.

"Even though I missed three games (with a shoulder injury), my numbers were still higher. So what does it take? But, hey, I'm happy for him."

NO WAY would you hear Joseph talking like that...Burris is such a baby. A very talented one...but a BABY nonetheless. You always see him making faces and whining when things don't go his way on the field.

We'll have to be ready Nov 11....clearly Burris has a chip on his shoulder...I hope Mr. Perry can knock it off for him!


Can someone please explain to me why they think Henry has better numbers? He might have thrown for more yards and TDs, but Kerry ran for 13 TDs and lead his team to one of their best records in franchise history. That is the reason he was better than losin' hank this. So stump fans, get over it and start thinking about next season. Couldn't win outside Alberta? Kind of overrated this I would say...


Henry Didn't Do Jack

Thanks Travis. Great comment! This proves that Henry cares more about his own success than his team's. I am glad we don't have him. Joseph is a better QB and Joseph has a whole lot more class and character. In my opinion Henry didn't do JACK this year!! GO RIDERS GO!!!

Oko Sinko

Burris makes a very valid point.

Clearly a miscarriage of justice. The numbers don't lie - Burris is the better QB. I guess it will be proven when Burris leads the Stamps to victory on the 11th.

Then the controversy will be over for good! I can't wait for the Riders to lose and to hear the whining - the refs did this and the refs did that. Going to be sweet!!!! Sweet victory!!!!!

What the Stump fans seem to

What the Stump fans seem to conveniently forget is that Henry and his coach Ned Flanders were so bad after 5 games this season that they were nearly run out of town. I was in Calgary at that point in early August and everyone was calling for heads to roll... So now all of a sudden Henry is great? What was your record? Where did you win on the road besides Edmonton? Oh yes... Don't let the facts get in your way...

Numbers don't mean squat

Numbers don't mean squat if the team doesn't win.

Burris could not win ONE game outside the province of Alberta. How sad is that?

Joseph won IN BC, IN Calgary, IN Hamilton, IN Toronto, and IN Montreal.

Joseph was able to be a victorious QB over EVERY team in the CFL. That is what makes him an MVP.

Not slighting Burris at all...when on his game he is the bes QB in the league no doubt. But the thing is he is not on his game far too often.

If Burris is so outstanding,

If Burris is so outstanding, then why isn't he hosting a playoff game....

Burris Outstanding in Field.


Whch is, by the way:

A "FILED OF ROTTEN OATS" between Calgary & Edmonton !!!!!!!

Does it "SMELL GOOD", HANK ????????

Who cares about the home playoff game

it will be far sweeter to watch 29,000 rider fans cry in there beers. It will be so quiet you will be able to hear a pin drop. No wait, Rider fans will be booing their team, almost forgot that detail.

CRYING TOWELS.................

The Riders are going to supply:

100 "CRYING TOWELS" for the "STUMP-EATER" fans in the stands.

That is proabaly more than will be needed, but the way they will be crying a few will need more that one !!!!!

Dwight S.

Why don't you "STUMP-EATER-FANS" put in you names when you put in a comment ?????

Are you "ASHAMED" & don't want anyone to know how you are ???

I can't say as I blame you, as I would be "ASHAMED" to admit that I cheered for the "LOWLY STUMP-EATERS" as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


100 Towels will be way to many, as there won't be near that many stampeder fans in the stadium !!!!!!!!!

& WHAT WORLD ?????

& what world is you little mind from ????

Hey,I------T 1, HAVE THE guts to sign your name.

Or do have one ??????


We'll be booing when the Riders win? Why on earth would we do that? You sound a little sour Eric, did you not get any tickets to the game? I know it was pretty tough to get them, unlike the game in Calgary last year. I could have had a row! And we would never cry in our beers, because no rider fan would have beer left in their cup by the end of the game. And if you're counting on Henry to finally play well in a playoff game, when it's here at Taylor, you've got another thing coming. Better luck next year stamps.


That is great to see and

That is great to see and Kerry Joseph deserves it this year.

I have to ask a serious question though. Who voted on all the other selections, someone with a BC tatoo on their ass?


I am glad for Joseph. I didn't think he would get it as there seemed to be a Joe Smith love-in. But I honestly think he deserves it!

Joseph west MVP

That a boy Kerry, I guess they didn't love Joe Smith but by the looks of the rest of the west players they sure do love BC

Smith is a RB and Burris and

Smith is a RB and Burris and Joseph are running QBs who put up almost half as many rushing yards as Smith and passed for 4,000 yards as well. Smith had a great year but, if you look at all of what they did, I think Smith would have been third in the voting to Burris and Joseph. Running, mobile, QBs who can pass too just do so much for their teams that if they have good years no other player can match their contributions.

Congrats Joseph

While it seems biased, if you look at the stats, the BC numbers are there, well except Murphy, I think that is more the league apologizing, but whatever.

Now it could be argued that Fred Perry being constantly doubled teamed, which is why his numbers are so low, should have won especially because of last year, and the fact that Wake is also a rookie, but in the end, these things are result driven. Hopefully, Fred can take solace in the fact that his threat, provides opportunities to other players. And though QB's don't admit the fear, the coverage speaks louder than their words.

Congratulations Kerry
and the Riders!

kj congrats

Fab year Kerry!! Bring on the fun from here on to the CUP!!! Another valid point---the world revolves around the BC lions. I can t help but think of the image of Murphy holding Chick down with a clinched fist ready to nail him while he is down and defenseless; now the people in charge vote him an outstanding player? I guess my definition of outstanding is different; more like classless!! GO RIDERS


I just really hope that whomever does the voting, doesn't go by the game Kerry had last week.

Mind you, Glen didn't play very well his last outing either.

All, in all, Kerry should win M.O.P. hands down for the way he has played all season, & not by just one game.

The loss was also far from being just his fault, by a log shot.

When is the voting done, & by whom ?

Dwight S.

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