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The CFL Speaks Out on Friday's "Holding" Call

what goes around

this excerpted from the Leader-Post

Two years ago at Commonwealth, the Riders and Esks were in a late-season game with, I believe, second place very much at stake. Riders were up six when Esks scored a TD with about two minutes to go. On the convert, Omarr Morgan went all-out to block and flew past Fleming as the kick went between the uprights. Fleming went flying and drew a 15-yard penalty on Morgan for roughing the kicker, which was applied on the ensuing kickoff. Riders were pinned deep, there was an exchange of punts, and on the last play McCallum was wide on a 50-yard FG try.

The thing about the penalty was, Morgan did not touch Fleming. It was a dive and the ref fell for it.
So, as far as I'm concerned: tough luck, bad call and all that, but this is the coming around of the going around, karma writ large, chickens coming home to roost.

bye bye Fleming and Macioccia who tried to be a coach-chia

It Says Here, Right Call.

Ref shouldn't have thrown fateful flag: CFL
Holding call that cost Esks a win technically correct but unnecessary, says head official
Vicki Hall,
Published: 4:37 pm
EDMONTON - The Canadian Football League has pledged to improve the level of officiating after a controversial holding call that cost the Edmonton Eskimos a win last week over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Referee Andre Proulx technically made the right call on Edmonton fullback Mike Maurer, given what he saw at the time, but the league would have preferred him to use discretion and keep the flag in his pocket, the CFL's head of officiating, George Black, said in a statement.

charlie brown

Macocia's comments just show how clueless he is. Proulx is "one of the better ones in the CFL"?


The Esks get a bad call

The Esks get a bad call aganst themm by Frenchie there and they get an explination, we get 2 terrible calls aganst us leaving us 2 lineman short and we get fined? Macocia better hope that he doesn't get any fines because he might have a hard time paying them on EI.

NOT A BAD CALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't a "BAD CALL".
It says that the ref made the RIGHT CALL right in the Edmonton Paper.

Where does the league get off in saying that he should have left the flag in his pocket, & saying that he made the right call ???????????

You either call them at any time of the game, or don't "CALL THEM @ ALL" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are right in daying that they get an explanation, & we got "D--K S--T", but a fine.


Do I feel sorry for them:


so ref's if you are in edmonton...

use your judgment not to call penalties...

Come on. if he holds the jersey and the guy goes down, it is holding. At the start, middle and end of the game...

No sympathy. Nice to know another team in the league gets the taste of those crappy calls.


It was "HOLDING". Plain, and simple.

As you said, it is holding at the start, middle, or the end of a game, & everywhere in between.

Putting that aside, the Eskimoes were up by 13, & 15 pionts, so don't be blaming the referee. He din't cause them to lose the game.

They just plain:

BLEW IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To bad, so sad, se you next year:



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