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That Didn't Take Long

To no one's surprise, the Western semi-final is sold out. The last remaining tickets were snapped up within the first hour of the ticket office being opened Monday morning.


I am tired of all this crying about tickets. 1- buy the shares, season tickets or the packs and problem solved. 2 - Put in more seats? Do you know how long it takes to put in the extra seats? Not enough time why would they. You all say you are diehard fans well buy season tickets buy a game pack, split it with someone do anyting. I knew about 5 different season ticket holders that couldn't use their tickets for the playoff game. If you were a die hard you would talk to people and make it happen. Are you all still back in the Al Ford days where the stadium is never sold out. Times have changed. There is demand for the tickets not just a big line up at kickoff with the team not knowing what is happening. They got better things to do at kickoff and it is showing on the field. I know that this last line will hurt some of you but here it goes, Were you always a diehard or did you just find a corner on the over filled green bandwagon.

BC's ignorance

Ok, I know that this has nothing to do with the ticket sales, but has anyone here been to Those fans are the most ignorant fans on this continent. One of their highlights posted there is Casey Printers walking off the field and getting medical attention to his finger. Now did we do that when Dickenson got corked, NO!! Those lions' fans are gonna get a mouthful after we beat them on November 18. I am gonna get an account on there stinkin website and rub it in there dumbstruck faces. Will anyone join me?

U-BETTCHA !!!!!!

I'll join you, Buddy.

We can both STICK-IT 2-EM.

Gonna Love this !!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the support! Don't give away the surprise though. I know that Bc fans may get wind of this but, just don't use the same identity that you normally use. I DO NOT CARE IF BC GETS A HOLD OF THIS. They won't know how to stop us. This league does not need bc's ignorance.

Oko Sinko


Anyone else think that wasn't ready for this. I was online at 8:30am. It took me 15 minutes just for me to get out of
the virtual waiting room. I finally got on the site only to watch helplessly as the seats sold out from under me. The reason.....the site would only tell me that it couldnt process my transaction due to "HIGH TRAFFIO VOLUME". Here is a piece of advice for the Riders for next year....TICKETMASTER. The site was clearly unprepared for the volume of orders and how many of us got false hopes getting on the site only not to have it happen. I tried for 15 minutes to get seats in well over a dozen different sections only to be told unable to process due to high traffic until the game finally sold out.

Maybe if the go through a site that is used to having this kind of traffic it wont happen again next year. Me....I plan to solve it the easy way......Season tickets.

A disappointed but still diehard Rider Prider

me too

you think that's bad, i called last week and they told me the tickets go on sale at 10 on monday morn. to my dismay this was obviously not the case! put that together with the change in start times last week, i have to say the organization this year sucks!!!
impatient fan, kristen


And now they are showing up on classified sites and ebay for hundreds more then face value.

I'd rather the team jack prices up like crazy and get the profits instead of the scalpers...

So when...

are the extra seats being installed????




I can't believe they are not putting some more seating.

Man, they would be sold out so fast, & look at all the extra $'s the Club would make.

I wonder what there reasoning is as to why no more seating.

There must be some valid reason, I would think.

Maybe not enough time.

Does anyone know why ??

It has been rehashed to

It has been rehashed to death on and Hoppy has explained it many times. do a search.

bottom line - wasn't financially sound


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