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Austin Satisfied

Kent Austin takes pride in knowing he's done something none of the last dozen Rider head coaches could ever do,....grab win number 12.


I love the interviews on this site, thanks. The reporters though Mitch and Brendan are bad at what they do, especially the questions Brendan asks, LMAO. Anyways please keep posting the interviews. Mitch, you should go work a station in Seattle, oh but wait they'd never hire you! Oh the other thing about 20 of my friends and 20 of their friends stopped listening to Drew Remenda sports show after Jenna left, it is bad with Mitch.

will our "fans" EVER grow up?

can't bitch about k.j...he's on fire...riders are winning,home playoff game great lets attack the reporters,cause we just to immature to accept a good thing...GROW UP!!! this site was designed to talk about the team.not the reporters!!!whats next?the high school kid working gameday in the rider store?get a life,i'm tired of these chronic whiners which we can't seem to shake...if you can't find any good in this season...then follow hockey or something...i come here to read about my team...not mitchell or brendan or wray or anyone else...JUST THE TEAM!!!

tim s.

Tim Re-Grow UP.

Isn't it amazing how many "S----D PEOPLE" get on this site, & talk everything except football.

Thank God that they are in the minority.
I'll bet that the most of them don't even go to the games !!!!

It's to bad that there isn't some way of keeping there comments re the reporters, & the officials out of here. Sure they make mistakes, but are only human.Who,in any job, does not make a mistake once in awhile."NO ONE", I'll bet $'s on that one.

If for some reason the Riders lose(I"m sure they won't), then you will see the "WAGON JUMPERS" come out of the woodwork.Meaning that they are about a smart as a "TERMITE".(Sorry to cut down a termite)

In saying this, most people on here talk about the Riders, & the C.F.L.
I can tell,Tim that you are a "TRUE RIDER FAN".



Take note as to the comments I get back after, we all know the ones, read my comment.
Believe me,it won't bother me one little bit, as I know the lack of intelligence that they have !!!!!!!!!

Hey Ken

Say what you will but I can tell you I and MANY others started listening to that show once Jenna was gone. That show has gone nowhere but upwards since she left. Now back to the Riders............

Tony in Stoon

Re-Mr. Blair.

If some of (a small %) you think that Brendan & Mitch do such a "BAD JOB",why don't you people that talk them down all the time, go do there jobs.

Also maybe you, seeing that you don't like there questions, send in a list of what questions you want them to ask.
Would that make you happy ? Probably not.

This site is for discussing the Riders, and "NOT MEANT FOR BASHING REPORTERS" !!!!

Lets stick to what is meant for, & stop being so "CHILD LIKE".


you want some pom poms? They are professionals we expect more. Good luck with the blair and brendan cheerleading, cheer hard! LMAO!

LAMO ????????????????

LAMO ?????????

How old are you ?
I'm guessing about 15 yrs, or less.

LAMO ????????????????

LAMO ?????????

How old are you ?
I'm guessing about 15 yrs, or less.

Sorry Dble. Post.

Sorry about the double post.

CRY ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Don't like them, then "DON'T LISTEN" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Blair

Pay no heed to the mouthbreathers Mitchell.
You do good work,your a true Rider fan & Rider booster...
I can't understand why, when you help bring the game closer to the fans (through interviews etc.), some people make you the bad guy.
I love your passion for the Riders, Don't lose it!
saskatoon rider prider

Brendan, Sorry love the site


Sorry love the site but you ask the dumbest questions, what goes around comes around. Wow!

Still shaking our heads


Opppps meant to say when you said to Austin what goes around comes around, wow! Anyways you ask the most painful questions where people go "oh my God did he just ask that" Get Rod to write them out before you go.


Hafta agree

He asks stupid questions, he can't spell (grab has one b ), his signoffs are a turn-off. Can we leave the interviews to Mitch even if Austin chews him out.

Entertainment at it's finest

It takes the Riders to have a game that means absolutely nothing to them and turn it into one of the most entertaining games that I have seen all year. Lots of non-starters putting on a good representation and a few people scoring that normally don't. And holding them back twice with a yard to go? That's speaks tons! Thanks for the great game and Overtime of football!!


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