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Blown Call Is Not What Gave The Riders The Win

All the talk on Fridays win in Edmonton surrounds the last play field goal by Sean Fleming that was waved off because of the "questionable" holding call on Mike Maurer. One that is being debated across the country by CFL fans today including on this fine forum. However, that call is not why the Eskimos lost. Lets recap.

--Edmonton could not beat a Rider team that was playing many backups.

--Edmonton lost a 13 point lead in the 1st half and a 15 point lead in the 2nd half

--They turned the ball over on a goal-line stand and again at the end

--They could only get a field goal after getting outstanding field position to open the game on the Corey Holmes fumble

What this translates to is the outstanding job the Riders had on the Commonwealth grass. As detailed in another posting, this team could have rolled over upon learning that BC had won and first place dreams were over but they didn't. The backups came through in shining colours. This Rider team proved it is solid from player 1 to player 46 on the roster and beyond.


[b]Nov 3 2007 - 2:00pm

[b]Nov 3 2007 - 2:00pm Saskatchewan Roughriders Toronto Argonauts CBC[/b]

Please note the updated 1:00 PM start time on the schedule for those outoftowners driving in. This site should be correct


It was a heartbreaker to see Sean Fleming's final home kick get stolen from him by what may be the worst call I've seen "for" the Riders all year. (I've seen plenty of bad ones go against them.)

That said, Fleming has broken the Rider heart many times in his great career so he can suck it up and polish up his Grey Cup rings in retirement. I agree with the previous post. This team has found a way to win pretty and a way to win ugly and that all comes down to the attitude. I love Austin's way of putting it. There are roughly 65 plays in a game, so every one of them is important. That lets the players know they are accountable each and every time they are on the field and that attitude has worked. These guys apparently believe in themselves and each other. That sure makes it easier for the rest of us to believe in them.

Edmonton better not complain

Edmonton better not complain about the officiating or they will end up having to pay up too....Seems to be a lot of complaints about poor calls and not just from the riders...I think the league may have to do some training and work on accountability for their officials. If that takes paying them some money, so be it...Let's make it professional quality for everyone.

I could not agree more

Last year and years past we found ways to lose games, this year is so different in so many ways. Attitude is everything and that is Kents best attribute is having each member of this football club believe in themselves and to focus one game at a time.

The big difference between winning and losing is a mental game and we have the right attitude. This team is finding ways to win and this can go a long way towards a winning streak in the playoffs.

It was fun to see Edmonton lose a game they had many opportunities to win.

Da Riders

Kerry G

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