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Was Mike Maurer Guilty Of Holding On The Last Play Sean Fleming Field Goal

guilty? yes should have it

guilty? yes should have it been called? no

from a diehard Rider fan. ALmost as bad as when they called our center in BC for moving the ball prior to the snap.


Maurer was guilty. Anytime you are taking on two defenders and you block one with your body and nearly pull the other to the ground with your outstretched arm, its holding. The riders were smarter by overloading that side of the line, and edmonton got caught.

Its obvious esks fans have logged on to this poll as its 47:53 in their favour right now....

Great win riders. Keep it going!!!

RE Holding

Even as a big time Riderfan I have to say that was a darn poor call... I sure hope a call is not made like that in the playoffs it would be a good way to ruin a football game.... Still no sympathy for the Eskimo's though... they used to always get there way in the league... things have sure changed big time in Edmonton.....

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