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Who Will the West Nominee for Most Outstanding Player Be

K.J. Should, BUT.

K.J. should get M.O.P vote, but you know as well as I do, he probaly won't.
Mailny for one, and one reason only.

He isn't in the Sports News all the time, like "CRYIN HANK" (Sounds like a Countey Singer)is.

K.J. is quietly getting the job done, without any notice.(Plus he doesn't have "BIG BULGING EYES").

Who does the voting on these picks from each team ?
Is it the Players, Press, Coaches, or whom ?

KJ for MVP

As much as I would like to see it, KJ will not be the MVP. Unfortunately, the MVP needs to show the most consistency throughout the year. Based on that fact, BC's joe Smith will be the recipient. The only Rider that has a legitimate chance to be the West's nominee is Andy Fantuz!

Yeah, suggesting that KJ

Yeah, suggesting that KJ hasn’t been consistent, and that Fantuz has, pretty much outs you. You obviously haven’t seen many Rider games this year.

wow . . consistency and

wow . . consistency and fantuz . . . you must be a recent band wagon jumper-on-er.

If Fantuz played ALL YEAR like he has played in the last four games, then maybe . . .


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