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It's A Done Deal

What a Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Riders are in, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Some have suggested that it would be better for the Riders to clinch a home playoff date on Sunday, as opposed to the way it went down with Winnipeg beating Calgary Friday. Not a chance! For one thing, and perhaps the most important, it gives the Rider Nation a chance to party. The other thing to consider is a first place finish is not out of the question yet. Any sort of goals that the Riders may have to set to play solid football are still out there. They can take a shot at first and use that as motivation if they must. Truly, I don't believe being goal oriented is the key anyway. I believe that the Riders, led by Kent Austin, are hell bent on playing its' best football of the year going in to the playoffs. Even though the Green Guys have won three in a row, there are still areas that this team can improve on, such as discipline, defense and special teams. I'm sure that alone will be motivation enough.

For you...the Rider deserve this. Enjoy every minute of it, but do me a favor and keep a little in the tank for the home game on the horizon, which will either be on Nov. 11 or 18.


And the Rams win the big

And the Rams win the big game too! Watched the game on Shaw today. “Dave’s not home!” Lol! I wonder how many people got that reference?

I have a couple of quick questions for you Wray, if you happen to know the answers. Is Jordan Sisco related to former Ram Rod Sisco? Is Teal Orban related to a Regina high school teacher, or former teacher, named Ric Orban? Thanks!


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