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Cheer Up!

Correct me if I'm wrong but tomorrow's Rider game is a first place showdown, is it not? You wouldn't know it unless you were a hardcore football fan or some-one reminded you about it. The province seems remarkably quiet about a game with first-place on the line. When was the last time we had something like that in late September? I know we still have the greatest football fans in the world and tomorrow's sell-out proves that. I have never disputed any of that. Yes the Riders have dropped 2 straight but it is what it is. Let's lighten up a little and enjoy the moment!  

No complaints here!

I aint complainin!

I just want to see a good game all around. Yes, I do enjoy it when we kick butt, and I would LOVE to do that against BC in the playoffs, but otherwise I just plain like to see good plays from great athletes. I thought last week's game was totally entertaining. Hopefully this one will too. I think to boost our morale we should just totally destroy Montreal.


Win or loose they will

Win or loose they will always be the most entertaining team in the league!

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