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Trouble for Saturday

The loss of Matt Dominguez has me more than a tad bit concerned. This offence has yet to see any significant contributions from any-one without the names Dominguez, Flick, Cates or Joseph along the back. Granted, Corey Grant appears to have drawn inspiration from my incorrect training camp prediction that a shoulder injury would keep him out for the year. And while number 2 has played a lot better than even I had had predicted he was capable of, Corey Grant is still a long ways away from becoming a legit number 2 option for an offence with slightly above average ability. Andy Fantuz looks good just when you're ready to write him off, but when you expect him to break out he suffers a new case of the dropsies. Michael Washington looks like an exciting player but he's only played in 2 games and is far from proving that he's a difference maker. For the Riders sake, let's all hope I'm wrong. But from where I sit, I see another "L" coming on Saturday.

(Yo Murphy's primed and ready to roll, but I don't think it'll be enough to replace Dominguez in cowtown)


The loss of Matt is huge.

The loss of Matt is huge. Flick is ok but he isn’t even on pace to hit 900 yards this year. Murphy was a bust past his first game last year, and as he’s closer to 40 than 30 I doubt that he’ll be any better this year. Washington looks ok but he certainly doesn’t have the look of an emerging star. This is where Tillman’s laziness in barely doing any recruiting this past winter is starting to catch up with us. Flick, Murphy and Washington are all castoffs from other teams and not surprisingly they are all pretty mediocre players. Teams don’t usually get rid of their good players. If all we’re going to do under Tillman is pick through other teams’ scraps then much of our lineup is going to be looking like this in a year or so.

Good Title...But Then Weird Statements

I agree losing Matt is huge...but Yo Murphy can be a solid contributor as long as he doesn't play tentatively following his injury. If Washington progresses or even plays at the Labour Day level we will be fine.

I think Flick is an enigma but at least he has stopped taking stupid offside penalties.

Don't really understand the Lazy Tillman stuff..see the trades for Cates and Flick for that one. Plus bringing in Getzlaf, Holmes, Berman, and Marshall....

To be honest if Fantuz didn't drop 50% of his chances in the first half of the season he would be our leading receiver hands down.

Riders are in good shape ... provided they win saturday!


Thanks Riders

Well thanks Rider D now it's official, apparently the guys bashing the Riders did have merit....the Riders decided to give the Stamps an early Christmas present...2 passing plays over 80 yards!?!?!


Riders D was

Riders D was was only a matter of time before Burris played like he can and beat the riders. Had the bombers not screwed up on the last drive this would be number 3 loss in a row.

wow! unbelievable

wow! unbelievable

its this kind of comment that irritates me about our media

Seriously brendan, I dont know how much you know about football. I know youre new on the scene, but seriously, you seem to cater your opinions to the typical bandwagon fan of this team. You dont mention how many holes there are in the Calgary Defense. You forget to mention how good our coaching has been at times of adversity. You wrote your comments saying "I hope Im wrong" so that you could have a scapegoat if you were indeed wrong...its that crap 2-face journalism that gives Regina reporters a bad name. Pick an opinion and stick with it. Quit promoting the passive attitude thats been around this province for years. Im sure Gormley would bonk you on the head if he read your comments. Just terrible.

The sky is falling, the sky

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Don't break your ankles, Brendan

This entry of yours Brendan

This entry of yours Brendan makes me think of only one thing:


Overcoming adversity is what makes good teams great. Kent Austin and Eric Tillman will make sure that this team is ready to face adversity.

Shame on you for writing them off. Then again, you told us that Corey Grant was out for the entire year so I know how much to value your opinions.

I am Glad You Are Not A coach

It is a good thing you are just a coach potatoe!

With an attitude like that!

Adversity is what is required at times. This is a time where other players have to step it up. We need a great game from Corey Holmes and the others on special teams. We need the O line to play like it is the Grey Cup. We need to get our run game working extremely well, the D has to stand tall. Create turnovers.

They think we are rype for the picken, well I say if everyone on this team plays like there is no tomorrow we will walk tall with a 5 point lead at the end of the day on Saturday.



Mr. Quayle, is that you? ;^)

Washington looked very good.

Washington looked very good. As far as the rest, this is the time for other players step up. They will.

Mitchy. Have faith, it will help prevent those high ankle sprains mwhahaha

Sorry Mitch, I meant Brenden

Sorry Mitch, I meant Brenden


How about being positive Brenden? We lose one game, just one game and you're already talking like we've lost 5 in a row. It is this attitude that can contribute to the team losing. The more the team hears it the more they start to doubt themselves. Oh and make up your mind you seem so to cover both sides that way you can say you were correct win or lose.

Brendan=Whine Whine Whine


Who do you really cheer for? You sound like a typical bandwagon fan, we don't need anymore. How can you be so negative about our team already? We have lost one game. Even if we lose to Calgary, big deal. Do you think when B-C or Winnipeg loses one game they talk so negative about them? NO. Whiner.


Thanks for prediciting a loss...Keep prediciting...SaskatchewWHINER!

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