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Heroes in Green and White

Earlier tonight you heard Ron Knox on The Drew Remenda Sports Show. Here is the e-mail he sent Drew...

Dear Drew,
My name is Ron Knox. Christopher Knoxs' Dad. Chris was the recipient of a number of great things this weekend and I wish to thank all that provided him with such wonderful gifts and memories for him and for myself.

Firstly, to the Allan Blair cancer clinic staff, who informed Rawlco Radio of his condition and how much he wanted to attend the always exciting labour day classic.

To Rawlco and Jim Hopson CEO of the rider organization, wow, to give Chris such great seats so that he an I could not only attend the game, but be so close to the field, the players and all the amenities.

I never heard the show from whomever it was the evening before, but many people told me of a very heartfelt tribute to Chris by someone at your station as well.

To Mike McCullough,(who is dealing with his own family problems with his sons illness) who got the game ball, ran into the stands screaming where's Chris Knox?(you can see by the look on the fans faces, that everyone was impressed) Finding us, embracing Chris, giving him not only the game ball, but the Winning
game ball.

Mike also took us into the locker room where even before Kent Austin praised his players for a game well
played, Kent took the time to point out to all of his players that "this is Chris Knox and he has a brain
tumor and is fighting for his life, lets all pray for him".

To the entire Rider players and staff, for raising their hands to God and praying for him, signing the football and offering us to attend the post game meal to eat with players.

This whole experience makes me believe that these professional athletes are more than just professional athletes, they are kind, sympathetic, conscientious individuals that care about their fellow man.

Amidst all the hype of the game and especially after winning, I cannot believe the composure of this team
to firstly acknowledge Chris, then to get to the celebrating.

Words such as believe, hope, You can beat this, fight, we are with you, are so amazing to hear from people you sometimes think are larger than life because of their play on the field.

I am so blown away by these guys. I am so happy to say that this organization is not just a football team, but are so much more. They are great ambassadors for the game, mentors and role models.

There has been much negative press about certain players in either pro league, about dog fights, throwing helmets, cheating, lying and drugs, that I think it does sometime cast a shadow of doubt about all the players and their integrity.

I am not only proud of the fact that this Rider team is good on the field, but that they represent the true
Saskatchewan philosophy of helping others, being conscientious citizens and philanthropists.

I am not a real believer in higher powers, but if there is, may God bless each and every member of this
team and bring them only happiness and good fortune.

If I were to sum up just what a hero is, I would have to say that the dictionary should explain, that "one
who is involved in the Saskatchewan Roughrider organization in any capacity" is a hero.

You guys rock!

Please accept my humblest appreciation for an amazing group of people, who have done so much and continue to give back to the community in many ways we don't sometimes even hear about.

Thanks again,
Ron Knox


You know, Chris.....

My Aunt was told she had six months to live after the birth of her second child.... that was 32 years ago. She is a healthy woman to this day. There is always, always hope and the important thing is never, ever give that up. You can beat this. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you. You can do it!

As for the Riders...Go Green Go!!! We'll be watching!!

Yvette K.
Weyburn, SK

My family and I just moved

My family and I just moved back to Saskatchewan and this is a perfect example of why Saskatchewan is absolutely the best place on earth. I am so proud of the Riders organization and may we all follow in their example of caring for others!

I must admit that I do not know very much about football but I am going to learn ASAP. I want to go and support this organization!


PS) I hope these comments are fowarded to the Riders organization.


Community Connection

Just a great story that speaks volumes about the environment that Eric Tillman, Jim Hopson, and Kent Austin are creating. Although they shrug it off as just doing their duty, the Rider organization could have just ponied up the tickets and sent a Get Well card. The fact they showed such compassion and unselfishness by including Chris and Ron in the post game celebrations is a testament to the community oriented approach Eric has been preaching since he got here.

Kudo's to the Riders organization from Jim Hopson all the way down to the players for a game well played...and for trumping the win by creating an even better feel good story that completely overshadows anything that can be accomplished on a football field.


Rider Pride

We have all watched the highlights from the Labor Day Game including the game winning touchdown by Kerry Joseph a hundred times. If you watch closely, just after Kerry runs for the winning touchdown, in the biggest game of the year, in front of the biggest and loudest crowd of the year, with all the hype and excitement of the moment, his immediate reaction is to want to slam the ball down or throw it to the crowd in celebration. But, about 1/100th of a second later, you see him pull it down and hang on to it. Why? I believe that his very first thought after crossing the goal line, was of Chris Knox, and how he wanted Chris to have that ball.

And that I believe is why this team is reaching new heights this year. They are not individual players, they are a team; not just thinking of themselves, but thinking more about the BIG picture. No, they are more than a team, they are a part of this province and this province is a part of the Riders. And, collectively, the Riders and all their fans all wish Chris, one of our team-mates, all the best and send our prayers to him and his family in this time of struggle.

Thanks for this Ron & Chris, it shows us all so much about the team we are all a part of and really puts the "pride" in Rider Pride!



It is things like this that make me proud to live in Saskatchewan.
It also makes me proud to be a Rider Fan.
I lived in Beautiful B.C. a couple of different times, & have wondered, over the years why I ever came back to Dusty, Windy, Old Sask.
I guess it is the things like this that sent me back here.

I am not a religious person, but do believe in God.
Chris, I will be praying to God tonight, & many nights to come for all the help, & blessings he can bestow on you, my friend.

God Bless.

Dwight S.
Moose Jaw, Sk.


This is such a touching story. When ET said that the S on the helmet stood for Saskatchewan I never thought it would resonate witht he players, but it is evident that it has. We're all praying for you Chris. God Bless.


Big win! Great heart, effort, and determination. But the best characteristic of this team and all of those connected with it is class. There are some things that are far more important than pro sports and paychecks. Human stories like that of Chris Knox show that the pro athletes on our team are lead with a level of dignity and class that is second to none. Good on you Mr. Hopson, Mr. Tillman, and Mr. Austin. This type of leadership will take this organization to the next level. Congratulations and God Bless!

I cannot get over how great

I cannot get over how great this story is. This should make front page of newspapers across canada. This is why I love the riders. Keep up the great stuff guys. Best of luck to Chris, my thoughts are with you!!!

The Video

If there is anyway to get the video that was spoken about onto youtube please do so. This is such an awsome story.

The Video

If there is anyway to get the video that was spoken about onto youtube please do so. This is such an awsome story.

YouTube video

This is a great story and reflects very well on the organizaion. Here is the link for the video on YouTube

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