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With apologies to John Gormely's copyright infringement policy, the last few days have cooked up my latest lead line. All the negative attention I'm seeing from the Rider nation directed at the new retro jerseys just makes me shake my head. For years, so many of us complained that we didn't have a retro uniform to see our current Roughrider team play in to bring back memories of the glory days of way back when. Finaly we get our wish, but for some that's apparently not good enough. Let's recap some of the recent Rider fan "Saskatchewhiner" moments, shall we:

-After about 20 years of complaing that we don't have a big screen at Taylor Field, the Sasktel MaxTron finally arrives and herds of people complain that it's not big enough.

-Our Roughrider stadium finally lands a Rolling Stones concert, and immediately people who have never bought a Roughrider ticket in their life complain they can't go because the tickets are snapped up, in part by Rider season ticket holders(like the same practice done all over North America).

-We finally get the old safeway "S" back on the Roughrider helmet and people whine that it brings back horrible memories of the late 1970's and early 80's which began a decade long playoff drought(because of course the current Roughrider "S" has apparently brought us so much better success!. ie no first place finishes and just one home playoff game in over 20 years, etc.)  

-We finally get a first-place calibre football team and people are about to start complaining when the team wins the division and fans can't get to any of the games down the stretch, once they are all sold out.

So my whole point is folks: These are the good times! We deserve to enjoy them! Some of us(any-one under 30) have never seen this ever before! Life's way too short to pass up an opportunity like this. Whoop it up Rider fans! Cherish these moments! For all we know, It may never come again.


Retro Jerseys

I think they are cool and the team is still awsome with or without the jerseys. Always remember that at any Grey Cup I have ever gone to the Rider Nation RULES and it really does not matter what they wear GO RIDERS!! LIVE GREEN, DIE GREEN, BLEED GREEN!!

Retros looked great

I hope that shut the whiners up. The team looked better than ever with their retro jerseys. I wouldn't be disappointed if they kept the silver pants, because that's a uniquely stylin' look on its own.

Retro unis and logo excellent

Truly a classic and fantastic look. Now that Safeway has changed their logo no more comparisons there either. Go back to them full time.

Why can't people figure out

Why can't people figure out that it's not possible to have a replica jersey? Jerseys are made differently than they used to be and they fit differently. The material is different and the sleeves are short. There is nowhere to place a larger logo.

Did anybody actually think Reebok would spend the time and money to produce a totally different jersey style for a CFL 3rd jersey? I doubt it's a very big priority for them.

We Saskatchewanians aren't happy unless we're complaining. It doesn't matter what it is, people will whine. Sad.

I like the retro jerseys.

I like the retro jerseys. Not for every game use...but once in a while it is OK.

My only negative is that I REALLY REALLY likes the black, green, and white jerseys. I thought those colours were GREAT together.

I heard they were retiring those...I hope it is just a hiatus...I'd like to see them again.

Who Cares?!?!

By now, we ALL understand that the majority of you (or at least the vocal fans) think the retro logo is too small.
Personally, I couldn't care less how big the arm logo is. It looks like a retro jersey to me. I probably won't buy it, but I think it'll look great on the players. And for the record, guess what? In the OLD days, most professional teams only had logos on their helmets. Nothing on the jerseys except for numbers and stripes.
Now can we get please back to football? The most popular game of the regular season is 3 days away. Start talking about it. If you ask me, complaining about jerseys is getting OLD.

My problem with the "retro"

My problem with the "retro" uniforms is mainly the logo size. It's a freaking Rider jersey and the logo should be much bigger than the Reebok logo. They had two years to put this together and it looks like they finally designed it twenty minutes before production started. As for enjoying the way the team is playing, hell ya I'm loving every second of it. But don't call me a whiner just because I think they dropped the ball on the retro design. But at least now we are back to green and white for all of our jerseys.

Why Does Every One Care???

As long as the Green and White win and the TV blackouts are lifted on sell outs I could care less about what they are wearing.

not a whiner, been a continuous rider fan for 40 years

these new 3rd jerseys are ugly, a poor effort, how could they not just produce a copy any of the old ones???
What were they thinking?

pjohnson, medicine hat, ab

new jersey


hey, as an aside, update your guys schedule scoreboard. I think they've played a few games since the post-season.

Retro Jersey

It was a great idea to bring a Retro Jersy, but why not go to exactally what they had back in the Ronnie, George, and the rest of the great players days.
I'm sure the cost would have been no more.
In saying this, at least they got something new, and hey, all, in all, it works for me.

i'd rather have no retro

i'd rather have no retro jersey than half way done retro jersey's. if you're not going to do it right, then what's the point.

hey man, give us some credit

call it whining if you like, but you really do have to scratch your head when the Reebok logo is the same size as the Rider logo!
could it have been that hard to get it right?
you can't even recognize it from a distance, so what's the point?
its like taking the habs logo or the leafs logo and shrinking it down to the same size as the CCM logo or whoever is making those jerseys.
i will still cheer hard for the riders and bleed green, so don't confuse my distaste for poor graphic design with my loyalty for the green and white.

go Riders

wayne in vancouver


If it were not for us putting our seats in the stands there would be no team... we are allowed our thoughts...The idea was good but retro usually means going back to the old uniforms... these were not the old uniforms...


I am a die hard rider fan and a season ticket holder for the past 22 years, and I can honestly say that these "retro" uni's are terrible. Every other professional sports team that releases retro uniforms actually has replicas of past uniforms, why was this not done here? I don't think that people are upset about the jersies it's that you are calling them retro when they clearly are not. If there were leage problems with the colour or reebok they still should have released a replica retro jersey even if the league was not going to let them play in them. I have a feeling that if they would have done that they would have fewer left over.

I Agree

I agree if the team would of decided to sell uniforms like the days of Ronnie and George fans would of bought them like crazy... Fans really do have the last say by whether they purchase these so called retro uniforms or not... I hope Brendan is not running down the fans who work darn hard for there money don't purchase these sweaters just because the Riders are selling them.... I think some of these reporters really have no clue how much some of us fans have put out in season ticket money... gas money driving in from out town etc... We do it because we love football and love the riders... not because someone tells us we have to!!!!

New 2007 1/2 Uniforms

This is the equivalent of the '64 1/2 Mustang, the '73 1/2 Camero, or whatever those years were.

You are seeing a NEW uniform. This, the oposite (white), and the black, silver and green 3rd uniform, with the current logo.

No one remembers the last change. It took awhile for the team to respond.

This change is proactive.


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