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Kent Austin...

In a sport dominated by

In a sport dominated by afro-americans it would be good to see the percentage of black coaches and GMs increase. One of the loses the Riders have encountered over the last year is as a leader in this area. How many black candidates are on Mr. Tillmans negotiation list?

Why the heck would you be so

Why the heck would you be so ridiculous as to bring race into this?! I could care less if the new coach is black, white, yellow or green...I just hope Tillman hires the best qualified coach to guide the Riders to a repeat!

Richie Hall would make a

Richie Hall would make a great coach, he has been with the team almost forever and knows what works and what doesn't!

The only other name I would throw into the hat is Mr. Joe Paopao!!

Used to be a Rider QB back in the days and I think would be a good fit for our Riders!!

If Richie Hall gets the head

If Richie Hall gets the head coaching job, this deemed is doomed for last place. He IS NOT THE GUY for the job.

Brian Towriss for coach!!

Brian Towriss for coach!!

before we get too far on

before we get too far on that thought...might wanna ask hamilton how their experment went with a top quality university coach went.(and all the benifits it reaped since).you also might wanna ask greg marshall if he saw a difference in coaching university canadians,as opposed to pro athletes form canada AND us,(many whom had high school coaches with knowledge beyond any of our comprhension,when it comes to football).just saying think this thru real hard.....and i'm sure mr. towriss is too.

Absolutely not. He has no

Absolutely not. He has no CFL experience, hasn't worked with Tillman and hasn't worked with the current assistant coaches, who should stay. Let's give Ritchie Hall an opportunity. He has shown he can coach at a high level and is committed to the Riders.

I think Tillman has many

I think Tillman has many reservations about Richie Hall and his ability for the top job, as do I. Tillman should look outside the organization for someone with head coaching experience...Dave Ritchie is probably the best choice.

yeah if he doesn't die on

yeah if he doesn't die on the sidelines of old age. think to the future man.

Once again Ridersfans

Once again Ridersfans have shown why we suffered through 31 years of mediocrity and futility, no one is ever held accountable for their actions. When Tillman and Austin were hired they said this would change, there would be a code of conduct, people would be held accountable. Well so much for that hooey. One Grey Cup win and we are all giddy, nothing else matters, we can wait another 18 years. As you may have guessed, I can't believe the fans, players and management are saying it is alright for Austin to leave.
In a way I can understand management saying this, after all they have only been here a short while themselves. They don't know that this has been something that has been repeated over and over. They haven't been here the past 31 years to see history repeat itself as player, coaches and management have jumped ship at the first chance they get. Well maybe Tillman will learn something from this and 1) not hire his buddies if he doesn't intend to hold them to their contracts or 2) if he does hire his buddies then give them a one year contract so that if they feel the need to dump on Saskatchewan at least they won't be under contract when they do. We have had enough poor management around here for the past 31 years if Tillman wants to talk the talk about accountability then he better be prepared to walk the walk or get out himself.
What I don't understand is the fans saying this is okay. Are you really that satisfied with mediocrity. Bob McCown on Prime Time Sports says Riders fans should be madder than hell and he is right. Why is it that some one from outside the Province gets it and we don't. Someone from the so called "center of the universe" understands about loyalty and accountability, two things that the people of Saskatchewan are supposed to pride themselves on and yet we continue to let players and management show us such disrespect as they treat us as second rate.
Does winning one Grey Cup after 18 years mean we should be satisfied enough to let ourselves be treated as second rate? We will continue to get the respect we demand and it is getting pretty clear that we don't expect much more than mediocrity from this organization. Hopefully we won't have to wait another 18 years before we start demanding better.


Amen -- finally, some more voices of reason. I have always liked Kent Austin and nobody was happier than I was when they hired him as head coach. I did not hold a grudge when he left in 1994, because I understand why it happened. Alot of people did not agree with me on this and held a grudge for a LONG time.
All that aside, what he has done to this franchise should put him right back in everybody's bad books -- he has been put in a leadership capacity twice -- and he has quit twice.
He seems to be a more than capable coach -- at any level -- and he has definitely been a HUGE part of the last 2 Grey Cup victories. Nothing will change that.
All this cheese about "not knowing where or if (he) wants to be in football in 5 years" and that he "was happy in the community, with the team, the coaching staff, players, fans ..." lead me to believe that if all that were true, he would not have boarded the plane for an interview anywhere.
Dick (Richard) Kent Austin -- thanks for the memories, but (in my opinion) you should not be welcomed with open arms in Saskatchewan anymore -- Ole Misinipi or Perdue included ...

All you forgiving Rider fans -- would you feel the same way if the Riders had accomplished anything short of a Grey Cup victory last year ???
I'm thinking not ...

Tracy Hildebrand
Saskatoon , SK

**EDIT** Speedy C... and


Speedy C... and anyone else who wants to play the personal attacks game.

Let me spell this out as clearly as I can.

You. Are. Not. Welcome. Here.


Our belief has long been that a mature community can moderate itself. People are smart enough to not have to be babysat 24/7/365. Clearly you want to prove this belief wrong.

Our intention is not to be the long-arm-of-the-web-moderation-law. Our intention is not to squash free speech. But when you take on the type of personal attacks as you have in your comment here... well... there are other places on the net that seem to revel in that kind of crap, and this is not one of them.

I'm getting tired of having to settle disputes among adults because they can't rise above using the language of the schoolyard. Grow up.

Comments, questions, queries, concerns... the contact information follows.

- John Himpe
The Green Zone
[email protected]

Well said Tracy.I was hoping

Well said Tracy.I was hoping a couple of weeks of thought would help make some sense of austin jumping ship,but if anything its worse.The Riders have lost money for many years,we are a team that has won 3 Grey Cups in about 90 years,we have had 2 home playoff games in 30 years,we have held bingos and traded wheat for tickets,people drive for hours from all over the province only to watch the team get blown out and little or no effort from the players.We finally find someone that ended all of this and Tillman has the forsight to sign him for three years and what happens we let him go.We let a huge asset go for nothing,we have helped out Ole Miss and hurt ourselves.Absolutly guarantee you 90% of Mississippi has no clue where Sask. even is.Tillman might think he knows what its like to be a Rider fan but he doesnt and never will. I think the loyalty is all show just like austin.

Question: All you forgiving

Question: All you forgiving Rider fans -- would you feel the same way if the Riders had accomplished anything short of a Grey Cup victory last year ???

Answer: probably not but who cares? he WON the grey cup for us. I would rather have him here only 1 year and WIN THE GREY CUP than have him here 5 years with no grey cup. He won and then moved on. I say thanks with no ill will.

Don't let the door hit you

Don't let the door hit you on the way out you! As a long-time Rider fan who endured season tickets during the 2 seasons of Lancaster 2-14 records, this may actually be worse. Sure I understand the importance of family and home, his alma mater, and blah, blah, blah. However, after demanding a quality of character and integrity from his coaches and players, I find it contradictory to bolt with 2 years remaining on his contract. And don't give me that bull that Tillman really had no choice but to allow Austin to not fulfill his obligations because you can't keep someone who didn't want to be here. If Austin's character was really what Tillman believed, Austin would have sucked it up and continued to perform his coaching responsiblities with the same professionalism and dedication that he did in 2007...that point would've been moot. In addition, Austin had stated that he wouldn't support an assistant's lateral move and yet, Austin makes a lateral move from a head coach to an offensive co-ordinator's postion for less money. Sure college ball in the US is huge with a large fan base, prestige and could ultimately lead to better positions for Austin, but it is a lateral move.

I do respect that Austin has played a significant role in 2 of Sk's 3 Grey Cups and I do wish him well as he does deserve a place beside other Rider greats. I also think the Riders will be fine in '08 and so adios Mr. Austin.

Absolutely agree with "once

Absolutely agree with "once again rider fans" comments.John Hufnagel doesnt look at coming back to the CFL as a demotion.I too am sick of losing and year after year of futility,our record over the last 30 years is pathetic.We finally seemed to have solved this with austin, and Tillman does the right thing by signing him for three years and what do the riders do they let him go.Sugar coat it all you want without austins offensive mind guiding Joseph we are right back where we started.

In other words, by his

In other words, by his actions, Mr. Austin appears to be saying that it is better to be a college assistant coach in the U.S. than a CFL head coach in Canada; this is not only a sad day for the Riders, but for the CFL as well.

The only issue at stake here

The only issue at stake here is pride. Canadians know the entertainment value in the CFL, and I don't care what you tell me, the numbers don't lie - Americans (and people around the world) are watching the CFL more and more.
If we know how great our game is, I don't see why we need to worry, or feel inferior, about one coach leaving the CFL for his ALMA MATER.

As so many trip over

As so many trip over themselves about how wonderful Mr. Austin is/was. What does this move say about Mr. Austin's, and apparently the media's view of the CFL, when an individual views moving from a head coaching job in a professional league (The CFL), to an assistant coaching job in a college league, as somehow being a promotion or a good career move? What does it say about the CFL when Mitchell B says congratulations you are moving to the pros during his interview. I think I heard that right. Wow. If anyone should feel insulted, it is the CFL and its fans because I guess somehow it is better to be an American College football assistant coach for less money, than a Head coach in the CFL for (apparently) a lot more money. I guess the CFL is really a means (a way) to and end (back to the U.S). In trying to put myself in Kent's shoes, it is hard to reconcile going from a place where I am more or less running the show, to a place where I am following orders for less money. It must be our winters. I remember a comment from Mr. Austin after the win in 1989 as he was getting on the bus. He couldn't wait to get back to Nashville. It must be our winters. There, now I understand it. I guess.

You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me. Have you ever been to a US college game? Do you realize that there are people in the US that wont watch NFL, that only watch college ball. Trying to understand US football sitting up here in Canada is impossible. You go down to a Ole Miss or Texas A&M etc game and see for yourself. Just because we love living in Canada why would you assume that someone from Mississippi just cant wait to pull up roots, move their family, be thousands of miles away from parent and friends and play or coach in the CFL. That is as egocentric as 50% of americans tend to be.

Richie Hall is great! But

Richie Hall is great! But Pinball would be better.

I agree! Richie Hall for

I agree! Richie Hall for Head Coach.

Reality check time Im

Reality check time Im afraid.Without Austin, Joseph is an average QB at best,there is no question Joseph has never played so well in his career under Austins direction.The Calgary and Grey Cup games will be the norm next season very little offence and the defence saving the day.Austin was without a doubt the best offensive mind in the league.We are back where we started at best a mediocre team.Why would we want Richie Hall sure hes a great guy but has been turned down by two or three other teams for a head coaching posistion.

Joseph did NOT play his best

Joseph did NOT play his best football in '07 simply because of Austin's leadership. To suggest that Austin had a greater part in Joseph's success than Joseph did is ludicrous. Last time I checked, Joseph, not Austin, was the one making smart split-second decisions on the field, improving his technique, and keeping defenses on their heels with his athletic running.
Just because the mentor is gone does not mean that what he taught will be forgotten. Austin left his mark on every player on the team, and the same winning attitude will be kept for years, no doubt.
Also, here's a reality check for you - we don't even KNOW who the new coach will be! George Cortez is one of the greatest offensive minds in the game. Ken Miller has what it takes too.
And sure, Richie Hall specializes in defense, but guess what: you kinda have to understand the game offensively to run a defense. Given the success of every single one of Hall's defenses, I would bet that he has more than a little offensive savvy.
So to all the "concerned rider fans" out there, chill for a minute and remember who brought Austin, Cates, Flick, Smith, and Holmes to the team, and Joseph to the league. That man is still working for us, and he knows what he's doing.
The Riders are going to be the team to beat in the West this year. Things are looking up for us.

Richie Hall for rider

Richie Hall for rider coach!!!

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