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The Riders Have Many Free Agents to Sign....the Most Important One Is

Wes Cates
25% (44 votes)
Eddie Davis
25% (44 votes)
Matt Dominguez
25% (44 votes)
Reggie Hunt
19% (33 votes)
Chris Szarka
5% (8 votes)
Marcus Adams
2% (3 votes)
Total votes: 176

I think we got to look at

I think we got to look at the 2 o-line that we have over looked in this poll. We need to resign Jones and Smith who are both potential free agents. Matt is a given he is just injury prone and we should not over pay him, I think he will stick around with out a big increase. Cates is needed to give Kerry more time to think, other teams must respect him or he will burn them. Chunky and Hunt are needed for "D". Hunt holds that "D" together through play and leadership and is very vital to the "D's" success. Chunky is a very talented young man that we an keep for lower cost and high skill that will prove very valuable next year. Eddie Davis I think will retire and become a DB coach, last but not least is Szarka. Szarka is a great rider and will be a Rider Great for life but I think his days are numbered. I would like to see him back one more year to mentor Hughes but with Neil in the back field we lose nothing but we gain salary room and age. I will be very sad the day Chris doesn't put the helmet on for the Green and White, he has been a huge part of the team for many years on and off the field but I hate to say it. That day is coming. I think we are going to see a big change in Riderville we are going to see more players wanting to stay and wanting to come to Sask. They see the passion and they see the opportunities that this province will give them after football if they stay here. We are on the verge of a long streak of good football in the Prairies and I can't wait.

Good post, although I differ

Good post, although I differ with you in some significant areas. JJ improved as the year went on, but he’s an average OT at best. I think we should bring him back, but we should bring in some real competition for him too, (and not a 3 time flunky like Beltran Johnson). Smith had a lot of injury issues this year, and he had a lot of injury issues last year. That and is huge former contract led Hamilton to dump him, although there was some talk of attitude issues as well. I didn’t hear any talk of attitude issues this year, but if his injury issues are chronic then I wouldn’t object if we took a pass on him. It’s very disruptive to have a OL in and out of the lineup all the time. I wouldn’t mind bringing Bates in if he can be had for reasonable money, and we could replace either Smith or MAM with him as far as I’m concerned.

Matt’s injury potential has little to no impact on what we pay him. If he goes on the 9 game list his salary won’t count against the cap. We need to pay him what a receiver of his calibre is worth without trying to cheat him.

Cates is good, but not great, and there probably won’t be a lot of other interest in him, unless Edmonton wants to try to make us weaker and them stronger with one move. It shouldn’t take a lot to re-sign him, though.

Chunky is a must to re-sign, and a big reason for that is that Tillman has shown no ability to find another half decent import DT. A recent LP report quoted a coach as saying that we’d been through 10 this year without finding a keeper.

Hunt is a great LB, but with him wanting to play with his brother, and us having good players like McKenzie and Stancil who can also play that position, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s not back next year.

We need ED back, and again a big reason there is that Tillman has shown no ability to find good DBs. The one good young one in camp Dre Dokes, he let get away, and then he started bringing in other teams cast offs like Chatman and Kornegay, who are both pretty bad. Frazier is a passable backup to our starting 4, but after him we have nothing.

I agree with you on Szarka. I think this is his time to ride off into the sunset as a champion. I believe Peircy is a FA and would likely come at close to half of what we’re currently paying Szarka.

And I’m not sure that we’re going to be seen more favourably after this year, and one big reason is that our GM forced an injured KJ to take a very unjustified and very big pay cut last year, and screwing your best players isn’t looked on too favourably by other players looking at your team. We’ll see what Tillman does in the coming weeks but what I surely hope to hear very soon is that he has reworked KJ’s contract to give him market value. I don’t think we need to pay him more than the top QBs in the league, but we need to pay him as much as the top QBs in the league, and that would be something like a 3 year $1.5 million contract, and that would put him in line with Printers and Ray, and likely Calvillo as well.

Man, with Yo out of the

Man, with Yo out of the picture I thought you would settle down a bit with this "Tillman Hating".

For the O-Line what do you think of Best stepping in next year?

I'll disagree again with the KJ stuff...based on his performance in '06 the paycut was mandatory. He should obviously be bumped back up to the 375-400K range. He had a truly amazing bounce back season. (Although I know your theory that someone on the team has to be payed 500K will always keep us at odds.)

Also for the D-Line it seems that Mullinder played fairly well this year...with a rotation of him Schultz and Chunky we were pretty solid. Although I also agree a nice 300 lb import find with quickness would be a great addition.

My list order would be: 1.) Matt (with paycut, or incentive laden contract) 2.) Eddie 3.) Reggie 4.) Robinson 5.) Chunky/Smith

I like Cates but running backs should be one of the easiest positions to stock, hopefully he comes back though as he proved to be a warrior in the playoffs.

I liked Dre Dokes as well...he could have helped us as both a DB and a returner.


GREAT POST. You sound like


You sound like you are really up on your Football knowledge.

Do you know of any good ball players, from other teams that might be coming up ???



Dwight S.

Missed out on Voting. I

Missed out on Voting.

I missed out on the voting, but my thoughts are that the most imporatant to re-sign are:


I think that if they, & they better, sign Matt, that one day you will see him as "RECEIVER COACH with the RIDERS".

Anyone agree ?????

Dwight S.

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