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FA List

Many of you have asked what Riders are unrestricted free agents going into 2008. The following players will be free agents as of Feb 15 and can go to the highest bidder.

Marcus Adams, Wes Cates, Dustin Cherniawski, Eddie Davis, Matt Dominguez, Reggie Hunt, Tad Kornegay, Jermese Jones, Rontarious Robinson, Chris Szarka.

It would seem as if Eric Tillman has his work cut out for him. With the exception of Cherniawski and Kornegay, all are starters that play a vital role.



Pressure gets to Pierre's

Pressure gets to Pierre's younger brother (twice removed) Brendan!

Good job all you made Brendan McGuire leave 980 CJME. Hope you are proud of yourselves! All he did was try to record the best interviews he could and it was not good enough for anyone.

Best of luck Brendan, your dedication will be missed.

See everyone next year...even SRF...who does have good points mixed in to his criticism! (Racism comment was in very bad taste though)


P.S. I saw on Pedersen's blog this morning that Brendan was out...just kidding about the critics!

Why is Brennan gone?

Why is Brennan gone?

SORRY TO HERE. Sorry to here


Sorry to here that Brendan is gone.

Like you said, all he tried to was his best.

I am sure that none of the "CRITICS" could have done any better, or even came close to as good as he did.

Wishing you all the best, Brendan.


OSMUPE!!! has always has always been for people who think they know it all. What I like about Mitch is he doesn't profess to know it all, he even at times says he could be wrong.

glad is

glad is finally being exposed for the childish website that it is. (not all but most) They cut down Mitchell, Brennan, and Drew. Could those that criticize do any better? Of course not. The guy that got booted with The Corey Grant Thread attracted over 4 thousand views. I wonder if it ever occurred to the people running that 4 thousand is a lot of people ie: might bring another 4 thousand people in with another thread in the future? Can you say Stupid!

So on I can't

So on I can't stop laughing because they think that people that bashed their site on their site, are the same person or persons that posted there. Like they actually have a clue, it could be anybody. What are they experts in identifying some random person on the internet, LMAO! Did it ever occur to them that other people don't like their site. Plus when they have threads bashing Mitchell and Mr. Remenda that is unfair. Have they ever been broadcasters before? Could they do a better job? Rawlco should have one of those know it all goofs on the air to host the show, they would fall flat on their face!

I would agree most of the

I would agree most of the people on are idiots. I left long time ago. I haven't come across too many here. They're now acting as private investigators (lol) thinking they know who first bashed them on here. They're clueless, there are lots of people who find their site laughable. I joined the site because I thought they might have some interesting information...I was wrong, it's just a bunch of people who think they know it all when in reality they know as much as my friends and I. Plus there are no interviews on the site. If I wanted gossip columns I'd buy the Enquirer.

i know this is a little off

i know this is a little off beat but whatever happened to just havin female cheerleader's bouncin around?i realize that this sort of cheerleading is very popular but i want to see some GOOD looking ladie's shakin there pom pom's.our cheerleader's while being very good at what they do are not that pleasant to look at(may be at closing time)I watched a couple games on tv and they never show our cheerleader's but if u watched other teams games the camera was on the ladie's every tv break!!! so it's just thought!!

I’m not sure Tillman and

I’m not sure Tillman and work should be mentioned in the same sentence. This is the guy who held 0 FA camps last year, after all, and then scrambled around during training camp trading away picks and players to plug holes to cover up for his laziness in the off season. He’s also the guy who cheated our star player last year out of $125,000 while massively overpaying some of his favourite players.

On the players, this has been discussed in another thread a bit, but MD would be top priority, and would fall into the “must-have” category. ED, Robinson and Chunky are basically must-have’s as well because we have so little depth at those positions, and Tillman is so lazy and generally incapable of finding good replacements. On the other end of the scale, we shouldn’t even offer a contract to Kornegay. He's just not a CFL calibre player. Szarka has been a great Rider over his career but it’s time for him to retire, and that would free up some cap money too. Piercy is a FA and would look good back home, and would be good for the S’toon fan base too. That leaves us with DC and RH. DC is a very good special teamer and backup OLB, so we should re-sign him. That might also allow us to trade Carter to perhaps Hamilton for a draft pick. Hunt is a great player and we won’t replace him, but we do have Stancil and Mckenzie who can play that position, and my gut tells me that Hunt may want to play in BC with his brother.

It’s also interesting to note that when Eric took over last year he criticized Roy for not having re-signed players, but we only had about 4 players at that point that we wanted to re-sign, and I don’t believe any of them were core players. This year on his own watch Eric the Lazy has not re-signed about 8 players that we will want to re-sign, including about 6 starters who we have no replacements for on our roster.

Eric Tillman: General

Eric Tillman: General Manager, 2007 Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders

talk all you want about tillman SRF (you have been for months). The fact is that the Riders won the cup with Tillman as GM.

Just to be clear here: Tillman's name will be on the Grey Cup for being the GM of the 2007 Champion Riders.

Oh I bet it is just making you sick thinking about that.

Yep I can't wait to see the cup and Tillman's name engraved on it. Yep that will be sweet.

Have a great offseason SRF!!!! mwhahahahaha

NO KIDDING !!!!!! No


No kidding,guy. I don't know who the person(s)are that are "ALWAYS" in here "BASHING TILLMAN".
He had a CREY CUP with B.C. as well.

As I have said before in here,there has been "NO REASON" to bash him @ all.

Until there is a reason, why don't the "FOOL"(S) LEAVE TILLMAN ALONE.

There was some person that said he was going to tell us all about the "WRONG THINGS" that Tillman has done after the season was over.
I haven't noticed the things he was going to tell us about, so I guess he is "STILL MAKING THEM UP" !!!!
Sure he has made mistakes, but until he can "WALK ON WATER" he, as well as everyone else, will do same !!!!!

I'm sure that you have taken note that the guy(s)haven't had the "GUTS" to even sign there names !!!!!

I think that it mainly one guy that "BABBLES" on re Tillman all the time. Surely there can't be more than one "CHILD-LIKE-PERSON" like that, can there ?????

Dwight S.

yes but don't tell them on

yes but don't tell them on arrogant sob's won't believe it until they see it!


Actually, posted this before, so I guess you're just an idiot.

Yeah, this whole infighting

Yeah, this whole infighting between two sites supporting the same football club is uber-mature. Let's just give it a break and if you don't like the opinions on this site go to riderfans and vice-versa. Geez, we're all roughrider fans here.

Brendan in Stoon

Is Corey Grant Retiring?

Is Corey Grant Retiring?

Is it me or is

Is it me or is for a bunch of immature people who pretend to know it all. What a joke!



Hey, the problem is that there are "DUMMIES" on both sites.

It's really to bad that there isn't a way to keep the "IDIOTIC COMMENTS" out of both sites, and use both for what they were meant for.

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