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Wrapping It Up

  • Artist: MB
  • Title: AustinNov28
  • Length: 20:47 minutes (7.14 MB)
  • Format: Mono 44kHz 48Kbps (CBR)

Kent Austin officially met the Regina media for one last time in 2007 to reflect back and look ahead. This will take a while but enjoy....

Very interesting clip. Kent

Very interesting clip. Kent sounds very much like the coach and the GM in that clip. Maybe he’s effectively taken over both roles now? He is in a very similar situation to the one Paopao was in in Ottawa. Unlike Paopao, however, he has a solid team that really only needs restocking in a few key areas, so if he can effectively step in and do Tillman’s job for him then maybe we can keep this going for another year. Kent is a competitor and a winner, and he would be protecting his own reputation by doing that too.

He only really has a few areas to concentrate on too. We need some good young import receivers, but we could also bring Richardson back. We need some NI depth on the DL and we need a backup/developmental import DT in the worst way. We need some developmental NIs on the OL too. We traded away a lot of future draft picks last year so restocking through the draft is going to be a challenge even if Kent takes that over from Eric. Maybe we could make a trade or two, like perhaps trading Carter and/or McKoy for Rempel, two players who don’t really have a place on this team for one who we could hopefully groom to be a future starter. So it’ll be interesting to see how it all unfolds.



Thank you KENT, your COACHES, JIM-IVAN-NORMY,etc for providing us with more than a:


What a differencs a new "Head Coach","New Assistant Coaches" & "ONE YEAR" makes.

I "HONESTLY BELIEVE" that had we had the same operation we had last year, & the years before that, the "RIDERS MIGHT HAVE WON SEVEN GAMES @ THE MOST".

Again, "THANX", "THANX", "THANX".

Really there is no more that I can say.

Does anyone know when "TRAINING CAMP" starts next year ?????

Dwight S.

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