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After Tuesday, it's officially the off-season. What to do now?

Congrats on the win, but you

Congrats on the win, but you have to know that Kevin Glenn would have mopped the floor with your defence. Saskatchewan won because Kevin Glenn was injured. I think all you Rider fans know this.

I watched Dunigan on Off the

I watched Dunigan on Off the Record and I lost a ton of respect for him after he made those comments. He did say that without the interceptions, Winnipeg would have won. Of course no one knows if Glenn would have or would not have thrown that many interceptions. "What if" and "What could be" are not "What is"! Riders won the Cup on November 26th. To dispute this fact is moronic. Thus, I conclude, Matt Dunigan is a moron.

Compare the stats for the

Compare the stats for the division semi's and finals.
Semi: att comp yards td int
Glenn - 31 19 161 1 2
Joseph -35 23 391 1 1
Glenn - 21 15 201 1 0
Joseph -35 18 209 2 0
Semi: No yards td fum
Glenn - 3 12 0 0
Joseph -14 109 0 0
Glenn - 0 0 0 0
Joseph -5 43 0 1

In the playoffs there numbers are pretty similar and you could even argue that Josephs are better. you can not assume Glenn would have had a great game.

If Glenn is as good as you

If Glenn is as good as you say he is, why wasn't he playing? You're not going to let a broken arm get in the way of a once in a lifetime GC appearance, are you? Glenn didn't show, therefore he couldn't do anything but help Dinwiddie on the sidelines. Live with it!!

HEY YOU !!!!!!!! Do you not

HEY YOU !!!!!!!!

Do you not realize that even if the Broken Arm isn't your throwing arm, that you still need it !!!!!!!

Try throwing a ball, of any kind, with your throwing arm good, & the other one broken.
Your balance is "WAY OFF" !!!!!!!!

+, hw would he have been able to straight arm someone coming @ him ????

He would have absolutly "NO HELP" to the Bombers @ all !!!!!!!

I'm not: I'm not making any

I'm not:

I'm not making any excuses for him at all.
Juat stating a FACT, that's all.

I'm also "NOT A BOMBER FAN".

You show no class making

You show no class making excuses like that...It's a team game, and depth is part of it, The Riders aren't the most talented squad in the league, but they are the best team and that's how they played, as a team...We had injuries also...We'll take Dinwiddie off your hands, and he can help us win another Cup down the road...Be careful what you wish for...We know what Glenn is capable of, he was a Saskatchewan Roughrider, and probably wishes he still was...We traded him for his own good, not because we wanted to. I think Nealon Greene is available if you want a different backup....

Get a life Loser....The

Get a life Loser....The Rider defence played an amazing game. Chick was making the Winnipeg offensive line look like a bunch of panzies. As a matter of fact, I even tip my hat to the Winnipeg defense. However, Kevin Glenn alone would not have won the game, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a brainscan. If Glenn was in the game it would have been entirely different of both sides of the ball, but if the defenses both played as well as they did then Glenn still would have had trouble making plays. I knew just because Winnipeg lost with a 2nd string quarterback that all the Bobmer fans would use that as the sole excuse. What's sad is that even the players and coaches implied to the media that They would have won with Glenn. That just shows how little class some fan and players have over in Manitoba. We don't make excuses over here. We suck it up and move on. I admit is was a less than thrilling game, but it is what is. Oh, and by the way, any Rider fan that agrees with this load of BS obviously isn't a real fan. Pick a team or pick a new sport to cheer for.

It was a very thrilling

It was a very thrilling game, the outcome was not decided until 30 seconds left...Both defences played incredible, and Bomber pressure had lots to do with our offence sputtering...It was very exciting from a defensive aspect...

Whatever buddy ... we don't

Whatever buddy ... we don't know what Kevin Glenn would've done because he wasn't in the game!!! He COULD'VE come out and got sacked five times ... he COULD'VE come out and got his arm broke ... but we just don't know.
The point is the Riders did enough to win! If Kevin Glenn played and put 34 points on the board ... our offence would have fed off that and the Riders would've put 36 points on the board ... how do I know this???


yes I admit, if Kevin Glenn

yes I admit, if Kevin Glenn had played, the Riders would have lost.

No one knows for sure, if

No one knows for sure, if the Bombers would have won with Kevin Glenn playing! He could have had the same injury in the GC, and then Dinwiddie would have had to go into the game with NO practice reps. The Riders were the BETTER team and they won!



The "BOMBERS"could have had the "BEST QUARTERBACK" the C.F.L., & would have still lost.

The way the Rider D played, it would "NOT HAVE MADE ANY DIFFERENCE" @ ALL, who they had as there Quarterback !!!!!!

Come on, give "CREDIT", where "CREDIT IS DUE" !!!!!!

Winnpieg played well, but "NOT WELL ENOUGH".

SUCK-IT-UP, & ADMIT that you were beaten by a "BETTER TEAM" !!!!!

I was at the game, & most of the Bomber Fans were very knowledgeble (Unlike you) said the same as I stated above.

I guess the Bombers couldn't have had the "BEST QUARTERBACK" for the Grey Cup Game, as the:


i disagree...with glenn,we

i disagree...with glenn,we had far more video,and knew tendancies much better...our defence would have gone into game with a plan suited to stop him instead.hey just cause it was close doesn't mean they were one toucchdown short!!!we were one touchchdown better,and now the grey cup is here!!!

Yeah, it's unfortunate that

Yeah, it's unfortunate that Glenn wasn't in the game but there's not much point playing the "what if" game because there's no end:
- What if Matt Dominguez wasn't injured?
- What if Wes Cates didn't have a broken foot?
- What if DJ Flick didn't have a groin injury?
- What if Chris Szarka hadn't sawed off the tips of his fingers?

It would have been a different game but then again IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A DIFFERENT GAME who knows what would have happened? Kerry Joseph was the MOP in the league this year and he had a horrible game throwing the football who's to say Glenn wouldn't have as well?

From what I saw the 'Rider secondary absolutely blanketed the Bomber receivers. Dinwiddie was able to thread the needle a few times and some great catches by Bomber receivers resulted in a touchdown and some gains here and there. Besides the interceptions I don't know that he played that bad of a game. Last week Glenn/Roberts were responsible for two fumbles that nearly cost them that game. That could easily have happened again especially the way the 'Riders were stuffing the run.

You are absolutely correct.

You are absolutely correct. Great response to Dunigan. What if's are great to debate for six months during winter and spring. We won the Cup and deserved to, even if it wasn't our best game. Did Austin and his staff make one excuse all year about any of our players and key ones I might add, being injured?!!!!

On off the record with

On off the record with Michael Landsberg, Matt Dunigan said he believed that the Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup easily with Kevin Glenn at QB. He was on the show on Monday.


& WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!!

& "WHAT THE HELL: does "MUTT DUNIGAN" know about anything ?

I'll tell you what:

"SWEET P--S ALL" !!!!!!!!!

He was one of the "WORST QUARTERBACKS" 2 EVER PLAY IN THE C.F.L. !!!

He had a couple of good years, & then "FADED AWAY", thank God !!!!

There are some real bad announcers on wth him, but he is, by far the "WORST" of them all.

The reason he has a "BRUSH-CUT" is to match his "FLAT-EMPTY-HEAD".

Yeah and Matt Dunigan knows

Yeah and Matt Dunigan knows everything, how long did he last as a coach in this league

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