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It's Monday. You're...

...calling in sick.
17% (46 votes)
...going to work, but you won't get much done.
43% (116 votes)
...going to work, but only until the big homecoming.
16% (43 votes)
...keeping your nose to the grindstone.
24% (64 votes)
Total votes: 269

/=S=/ YEAH RIDERS!!!!!!

/=S=/ YEAH RIDERS!!!!!! albert street was unreall last nightt! that was regina at its besssst! so manny memoriess made! this province knows how to partyy! GOOD JOB RIDERS!

YEAHH RIDERS!!!! Last night

YEAHH RIDERS!!!! Last night on albert street was unreal, that is what a city is supposed to be like! regina deserved this, saskatchewan deserved it! GOOD JOB RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finish work at about 2:30,

I finish work at about 2:30, woo hoo!
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