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James Johnson Postgame

James Johnson just moments after his MVP performance!

So...I heard on the Blue

So...I heard on the Blue Bomber fan site that Johnson's first interception actually hit the ground and should have been reviewed. I had the game on my PVR so I took a look. I paused it and went frame by frame and you know what? They were right! A few different camera angles show the ball bounsing off the turf as Johnson goes down for it (ball is in his hands as he rolls). It was only for a fraction of a second...but had it been reviewed the INT would have been overturned.

Oh happens. Riders have been skrewed before...little luck ain't bad :)

It was a duel of the stars,

It was a duel of the stars, one of the top receivers in the league against one of the top DBs in the league. Armstrong beat Johnson for a TD, but Johnson had a record 3 ints, one for a TD, and at least three big knock downs. James Johnson, and the Riders, were the victors!

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