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K.J. Wins M.V.P.!

For the first time in 31 years, the MVP is comin home! Kerry Joseph has been named the CFL's Most Outstanding Player at tonight's CFL awards galla in Toronto. Joseph becomes the first Roughrider to win the CFL's top honour since Ron Lancaster did it way back in 1976.


Great job Kerry! The

Great job Kerry! The turnaround from last year to this year is staggering, he definetly deserves to get his cash back after this stellar season. One more game to go, here's to hoping Kerry and the receivers can jump on the Bombers early.

Lead the boys to victory Kerry, look forward to seeing you lift the Grey Cup on sunday.


MADE A "BELIEVER". I hate to


I hate to admit it, but I never really had much faith in Kerry as being our Starting Quarterback.


Thank you, Kerry for "PROVING ME WRONG".

You have gone about doing you job, without all the "FAN-FAIR-RAH-RAH, BELLS RINGING, etc.

Not only are you a "GREAT QUARTERBACK" you are also an "INSPIRATION" to many people, young, & old,myself

May we be Blessed with having you here for many, many years to come.

"GOD BLESS" you KERRY, & your "LOVED ONES",as well.

Dwight S.

Dwight -- your humility is

Dwight -- your humility is refreshing -- and I do mean that. Maybe WRAY will read this and realize that KJ is the logical choice in Riderville ...

A Job Well Done,K.J. Your

A Job Well Done,K.J.
Your recognition is much deserved! The team minded leadership of this man started way back when he was willing to take a pay cut in order to play this season with the Riders. He won the well fought battle between himself & Marcus Crandell to be the starter. As we watched his growth & development as a leader & player he made believers out of some very big sceptics. Now the Riders have a chance at the REAL prize, because of all the hard work of the entire team , lead by a true warrior. All of the Rider Nation are happy & proud tonight. We will be extatic Sunday.

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