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Austin Not Surprised with Rookie Grey Cup Appearance

Kent Austin always knew he had what it would take to get to the Cup, even in year #1.

Kent Austin is one of the

Kent Austin is one of the most successful people to ever be involved with the CFL. I hope he wins Caoch of the Year.

I have a Grey Cup question, and anyone can answer (that is, if you know the answer)

I was watching a Grey Cup classic on CBC last night - Edmonton vs Montreal, 1978 Grey Cup. Edmonton won. Anyway, I swear I heard the announcer say "Wally Buono" two times during the game. Am I crazy, or did I hear right? I kept looking at everyone's jersey to see the name "Buono," but I didn't see it. Did Wally the BC coach play in that game?

Also, I saw the head coach of Montreal smoking cigarettes during the game. Is he the only coach to smoke during a game? I have never seen a head coach smoke in any game.

Thank you, Theresa

Yup. He was the Right-side

Watched it also. Yeh, the

Watched it also.

Yeh, the "GREAT WALLY" did play for Montreal.

I was looking for him also, but didn't c him @ all.

I don't know what position he played, does anyone know ?

Probably the:

"WATER BOY" !!!!!!

Wally used to play for

Wally used to play for Montreal, so he more than likely played in that game.

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